Our brain has 2 parts: subconsciousness and consciousness. The subconscious controls 80-90% of your thoughts and actions. The consciousness controls 10-20%. Did you notice that when you go to bed, most of your consciousness goes into sleep, but your heart is still beating, your breathing is still functioning properly. And the same to your digestive organs, metabolism, organs excretions and your cells. They all operate automatically. So what factors drive your sequence of actions?

Subconscious is the deciding factor. It governs your actions, determines your emotions, ideas and state. So whatever we want, we have to really communicate so that it can automatically attracts resources to give you the successful results.

Subconscious is the deciding factor
Subconscious is the deciding factor. It governs your actions, determines your emotions, ideas and state.

The subconscious can control and manage billions of pieces of information at the same time. So whatever we want, if the subconscious understands it, you will get it extremely quickly, with minimal effort. Successful people don’t work very hard with a lot of effort. They also don’t use too much muscle strength. They master their subconscious. Once you have mastered the subconscious, it’s certainly that your life will be better, more wonderful, happier, more successful and richer.

Focus on communication and visualize the goal with subconscious mind.

Each day, allow yourself to communicate, imaging good things related to your clear goal in mind. The easy way to communicate with that subconscious is through image. The higher the emotion is , the more strongly the subconscious is communicated and persuaded. The more attractive the image, the faster the subconscious will pull it back to you. Any day, any moment, whatever you say, there is always someone who will listen to you, which is your subconscious.

Whatever you say, the subconscious you can identify is the command you ask your subconscious to operate. That’s why you must be selective of the words you use, the images you visualize, the sounds or the music you hear … The higher your emotions are in those moments, the more the command is embedded in your subconscious.

Visualize your goal to achieve it more efficiently.

That’s why in anger, in times of Fear, if there is any image, any statement arising in that moment will carve in your subconscious and imprint on you forever. If it’s the positive say, it doesn’ cause any problem. But on the contrary, it will produce negative results and you don’t know how to heal it. As a conclusion, always communicate positively every day. The higher the emotion is, the greater the subconscious imprints.

Spend 30 minutes every day dreaming about the positive things and your goal.

Have a habit of spending 30 minutes a day immersing yourself in positive conversations, great sayings, great stories, pictures, sounds. Imagine about who you want to be, the scene you wish to fit into, an your clear goal.

This habit will unconsciously help you have a clearer picture of your life’s goals. It helps you imprint everything you want into your subconscious mind. In addition, your consciousness will clearly orientate your goal. Therefore, it will save your time and help you achieve your goals more efficiently. So you should really seriously practice the habit.

Quickly purchase every skill with subconscious mind..

Any skill you want to practice, any routine you want to set up, any attitudes or behaviors you want to speed up the process, allow yourself to have a picture of it in your mind. Practice it first in your mind every day. The more easily you practice in your mind, the easier it is to create it in your real life.

David Beckham is one of the best free-kick footballers in the world. He said in his autobiography that every morning, he spent 45 minutes practising his skills as excellently as he wanted. Standing in front of a small room, he envisioned a goal and fence in front of him. He imagined himself running and kicking the ball in the correct trajectory he desire; The ball flew in the correct trajectory and in the most dangerous position.

Everyday, David Beckham spent 45 minutes practising his skills as excellently as he wanted.

Then, after visualizing his imagination, he allowed himself to actually use his body, his feet and his speed to kick that ball in his imagination. With just a simple action like that, after a period of persistent practice every day, Beckham had the best free kicks in the world at that time. What about you, what skills do you want to excel in? You can use this technique! Imagine! Even if you practice driving a motorbike, driving a car, practicing any skill, it is possible to pre-train in your mind before you actually do it in the outside environment. The simple principle is: “The more you make it clear, the easier it will be to create it in the reality.”

Reprogam Subconscious Mind

“Reprogam Subconscious Mind” is an amazing upcoming product of Alan Ai Voice Lab company. This application helps people a lot in self-development. It will help us learn while sleeping (dreamy brain waves) and arouse strong daily energies through sight and hearing.

App Reprogram subconscious mind
App Reprogram subconscious mind