Have to ever wondered where all your money went or why you have no savings left at the end of the month? If the answer is “yes” then you should definitely equip yourself with the 6 Jars Concept.

6 Jars Concept: Tip For Personal Finance For Everyone

Now you may wonder why I suggest you use the 6 Jars Concept, why not other systems out there, right?

It’s because the 6 Jars Concept is relatively simple, useful, and suitable for everybody at every age. Besides, it has been witnessed to work effectively in real life.

The 6 jars were developed by T. Harv Eker, which is a relatively simple system to understand and is suitable for everyone. Basically, according to the concept, you divide your money into six different accounts, or jars, in which you put a certain percentage of your money. Each one contains a specific purpose gear towards reaching financial freedom.

  1. Necessity Account (NEC – 55%)
  2. Financial Freedom Account (FFA – 10%)
  3. Long-term Saving Account (LTS – 10%)
  4. Education Account (EDU – 10%)
  5. Play Account (PLY – 10%)
  6. Give Account (GIV – 5%)
the 6 jars concept by Eker
the 6 jars concept

Now imagine how amazing it is if there is an application that recapitulates all of these 6 jars to help you deal with your financial stress. And actually, THERE IS AN APPLIANCE like that in fact! It’s down below!

Introducing 6 Jars Money Management App

As I said in 6 Money Management Hacks That You Should Know, one of the best tricks to get financial freedom is Using Money Management App To Track Money Flows. And the app 6 Jars Money Management will never disappoint your expectations! I will show you some outstanding features of the app!

App 6JMM can find the revenue and expenditure by keyword
find the revenue and expenditure by keyword

How to use the app?

When approaching the app, it will show you the instruction to use, which is so simple that almost everyone at every age can understand. The system has been set in order, your job is just downloading and enjoying it. You will be guided to type the number of your income monthly then the app will calculate and split that amount into the right jars with the right percentage. The app will also require you to write down your daily expense which doesn’t take you up to 1 minute but is extremely beneficial in reminding you to save money.

Friendly Design

The first appearance is important. No one would ever give an app with an unidentical look high evaluation. You would probably be impressed by the user-friendly design of the 6 Jars Money Management which gives you a feeling of amicability and easy-to-use. You are also provided with several color palettes so that you can change the main theme to fit your style.

Automatic Text Convert

Everyone likes automation. There is also a tendency that phone users like using voice transference, and the app excellently satisfies this preference of its target users. When you’re too busy or too lazy to type your daily expense into the app, then you can use voice transference as the app supports text convert from voice, how amazing it is! Now, you can control your cash flow in less than 1 minute!

Smart Category Organisation

Not only the app applies intelligent idea from 6 Jars System of T Harv Eker, but it also provides you the extreme utility of classifying expense into right jars. For example, when you type “50 USD for food”, it will automatically list it into NEC jar”. In this way, you will save much time keep your money on track.

Divide income and expenditure according to 6 jars concept
Divide income and expenditure according to 6 jars concept

Smart Report and Smart Search

The reason why I highly recommend this app is because of its advantageous utility of listing and exporting excel files as well as convenient category searching. For example, when you search “food”, you will be provided every budget relate to food. As I said in the last article, the best way to keep up with your money pocket is using excel. Now you can easily get your budget list in order in the form of excel with an easy-to-understand classification column with this app.

Cus it’s free, easy, and helpful, download the 6 Jars Money Management App today to build your financial stability!

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