We always would like to have a good mood, stable health, comfortable and happy spirit to enter the new day. If you want to have good health, you will need to do daily exercise. However, not everyone can do this on their own. This article is my sharing about how to keep your spirit always happy and comfortable with APP RESUMIND.

Keep your spirit always happy and comfortable: The positive influence of the optimistic spirit

The human spirit is difficult to grasp and control. Although it does not exist in a physical form, it captures the thoughts, emotions, will, and behavior of humans.

How does each person’s optimistic spirit affect their lives? Each person’s life is made up of two main elements: physical and mental. Physical is like an electronic device, and the spirit of life is the operating system of that device. It is the happy and comfortable spirit that creates goodwill, belief, and energy for the whole working day.

Normally, without any problems, our spirit will be optimistic. We have the best state to work with, have faith, the will to overcome all challenges. However, when there is some sad news, our spirit will go down, we will no longer feel happy, our life has no meaning.

Besides, a happy and comfortable spirit has a great impact on people’s health. Stress, loss of control, fatigue, and nerve pain are common illnesses when the spirit goes down. When your spirit is not comfortable for a long time, you maybe have some mental illness.

Therefore, how to keep your spirit always happy and comfortable?

Keep your spirit always happy and comfortable: How to keep your spirit always happy and comfortable: Factors affecting

For the factors affecting positive optimistic spirit, we divide it into 2 categories: external factors and internal factors.

1. External factors.

Factors that we cannot control such as parents, friends, living environment, etc. These are also factors that shape the spirit.


The family has a great influence on forming the happy spirit of each person. It affects the psychological and emotional development of each person. Also, the family is the cradle that creates the personality of each person, where we learn from experience and how to act. If you want to have a comfortable and happy spirit, a happy family is a very important factor you need to have.

Keep your spirit always happy and comfortable by happy family
A happy family is a cradle that nurtures a child’s innocent spirit

 Living environment and relationships outside the family.

Friends can never be lacking with children

Currently, in society, there are many mental influences on people. There are both positive effects and negative effects. Positive effects are small life difficulties that people can overcome or concerns from friends, which make you feel more valued and meaningful. On the contrary, negative influences put stress on your mind, which adversely affects your personality and behavior in the future. Friends are also the object for us the spirit of learning, behavior, and living habits.

Besides, the environment will also determine the mood and state every day.

For example, a child who is educated well from the family and school, learning about good things, live in a stable living environment, all of which create a comfortable and happy spirit within the person.

However, if you live in a family where there is violence, habitat has many crimes, you will be adversely affected by psychology and behavior.

 2. Internal factors.

The health, living habits of each person determine that person’s optimistic spirit. Healthy living habits give us good health and a positive mindset. If using alcohol, beer, tobacco, and stimulants a lot, we will be stressed and tired.

Keep your spirit always happy and comfortable by Good health and a comfortable spirit
Good health and a comfortable spirit

How does RESUMIND work?

The method to work of RESUMIND helps us to answer the question “How to keep your spirit always happy and comfortable?”. This voice alarm helps to set up optimistic human subconsciousness. Self-development applications constantly breakthrough creativity. It is a combination of alarm, recording, notes, ebook, and Google’s text to speech technology. RESUMIND sends users the message that preset, which fosters optimism and a happy spirit at the time when you turn off your alarm in the morning before you wake up.

You can also change settings to new messages you enjoy listening to cheer yourself up. With Google’s text-to-speech technology, you can choose to change many languages. RESUMIND helps users to have a cheerful and optimistic spirit.

The users need to preset the messages and the time when they emit them.

Step 1: Choose a time to cultivate a comfortable sense. The best time to choose is when you get up early in the morning, this is a golden time to help you nourish your spirit with positive values.

Step 2: Let’s copy the content that you need to install to your spirit. You can use the existing content or change the messages according to your own preferences. Note, you need to choose messages that encourage and cheer you. These messages can be text or voice recordings.

Step 3: Save and wait until the preset time.

Step 4: Tap on the screen to enter any location. Continue to relax and listen to the messages that support the spirit in life that has preset.

Step 5: Relax or read the messages so that the messages can get inside your spirit.

How to install APP RESUMIND:

Resumin fosters an optimistic spirit

Currently, APP RESUMIND is available on the app store, CH Play.

You just need to open the app store. Then, let search APP RESUMIND and install it on the phone. Also, you can click here.

Keeping the spirit always happy and comfortable is what everyone cares about. Besides, it is also very important that you can relax at all times. The application helps users to install a spirit always happy and comfortable, loving life every day as soon as they wake up.

APP RESUMIND is a combination of alarm recording, notes, Ebook, and Google’s text to speech technology. RESUMIND works best in the early morning to help users psychologically stabilize, creating the best spirit for each day.

The above is my sharing about how to keep your spirit always happy and comfortable with APP RESUMIND. Thank everyone for reading my article!

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