Nowadays subconscious mind is common to a large portion of citizens for its incredible power. However, lots of you may not know that its power can work against you unless you own the skills to remove subconscious blockages.

Overcome subconscious blockage mistakes
Overcome subconscious blockage mistakes

What are subconscious blockages and their symptoms?

A subconscious blockage is something within you that blocks you from achieving what you want. It’s briefly all the hesitation a person has for not living a life they absolutely love. Most subconscious blocks are things that weren’t important enough to rise to the level of consciousness. They are simply things that we saw, heard, felt, or believed that we accepted without question, and never consciously thought about.

If you have ever been through the feeling of frustration with yourself and your ability to commit to something, then you may have a subconscious block.

Have you ever decided you were going to quit doing something and then? Or have you ever been frustrated with yourself to commit to something? Like when you want to purchase a dream car, but all the thought says “I don’t have enough money”, you are experiencing subconscious blockages. Why don’t you have the money? Whatever the answer is another set of blocks. You may blame it on your salary. Unfortunately, the blame is a subconscious block and fear becomes a block.

This means that your Subconscious has created a kind of barrier to protect you from something it sees as a threat.

What constructed the subconscious mind are personal value insecurity, and by living life with people who share similar ideals. Specifically, a child is affected by her parents and grows with the sate that they can’t do something as the parents said.

subconscious blockage mistake
What are subconscious blockages?

Techniques to release subconscious blockages

Those subconscious blockages create discomfort and resistance that prevents you and wastes much of your time.  Luckily, there are several ways to overcome this problem through subconscious mind training.

The key is simply to give the honest answer to all questions about what you are gaining by continuing the behavior that you want to change, what you are afraid of when you think about your new, desired behavior. Don’t let your answer sounds off or make no sense! If then, you probably suffer from subconscious blockages.

Self-consciously seek help when you find that your behavior is self-destructive. Seek help whenever you find that you are unhappy, or are having feelings of frustration or of not liking yourself.

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Steps to handle the problem

1. Understand your feelings

First, don’t rationalize but say the first thing that pops up in your mind when you see these words: rich people, money, success, love. Whatever your answer is, that sort of belief keeps you thinking that success is only the result of luck or a birthright afforded to a select few. It prohibits you from seeing that you can make your life anything you want it to be.

2. Reflect

It is common that parents usually give us modest advice like “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “making money is hard”. This is because of their own self-limiting beliefs. . They may also have their own subconscious blockages that have never had any solutions.

What your parents told you about yourself and your ability to be successful has programmed your conscious and subconscious mind.

You need to recognize that your current set of beliefs are not the truth. These are a bunch of false perceptions and junk programming that can be changed with intention and repetition.

3. Listen in on your Self-Talk, Thoughts and Emotions

We can get clues as to what is in our subconscious mind by listening to our self-talk, monitoring how we feel by default when we’re not paying attention, and examining our beliefs. What kinds of things does your inner voice say about you, and about your potential for recovery? Are you consciously working your recovery program but internally battling a voice telling you that recovery is impossible? Are your default emotions full of hopelessness and fear? Are you holding onto limiting beliefs about yourself and your ability to heal?

4. Visualize

Remove your subconscious blockages by using visualization. After you’ve monitored your thoughts and reactions to words like money, success and even love, you can use visualization to change them.

Create a clear mental picture of your goals and the person you would like to become. Close your eyes and visualize your goals. If it’s the financial freedom that you want then, see it, feel it, be it. If it’s love, the same rules apply. In fact, whatever your goal may be, you simply have to affirm and visualize.

Since the subconscious mind governs the vast majority of our daily lives, our subconscious blockages to healing inform everything in our lives, from the things we think, to the emotions we have, and the beliefs we hold onto.

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