It is common that people usually think about getting help and treatment from doctors, nutritionists, and dietitians, mental health couches when coming to losing weight. There is one useful solution for this problem that anyone can head to hypnosis.

Is using hypnosis to lose weight possible?

How to use hypnosis to lose weight?

When someone tries to make a major change in their life, like overcoming obesity, there is a lot to think about. For example, What foods you should be eating, how you should exercise, and where you’ll feel safe enough to exercise.

In this case, hypnosis is not a magic bullet. What hypnotherapist aims to do is guide their patients into a relaxed state. This uses a number of techniques that vary from deep breathing to visualization. Hypnosis is a tool that can help break patterns of thinking that prevents someone from developing healthier routines. Most people who approach hypnotherapy are already preparing themselves to make lifestyle adjustments. Such as altering their food choices or buying a gym membership. As a result, it is absolutely useful for losing weight purposes.

How to lose weight?
How to lose weight?

But one key characteristic that can make hypnosis work more swiftly and powerfully than other practices is also what keeps it somewhat shrouded in mystery. That is: it works on the subconscious level.

Food is fuel. People only put the highest quality food into my body. In order to create a negative association with a food or drink that has a deep-seated positive association. Cupcakes that used to be tied to comfort are now tied to disgust.

By feeding these thoughts to your subconscious, you can change deeply rooted behaviors without so much conscious effort. It is just like you may awake from a dream with a solution to a complicated problem.

Says an example of a hypnotic suggestion might be: “You will reach for fresh fruit. You will recognize sweets are too heavy for you and that fresh fruit will make you feel satisfied and nourished.”

Hypnosis isn’t teaching you to never have cravings, but it’s training your brain to hear, “Man, I’d love something sweet,”. Followed with, “No, I probably don’t really want that.” “It’s about recognizing that while we feel like doing something, we don’t have to act that out,”

Who should try and how long does it take?

While there are studies that claim some people are less “suggestible”, or more resistant to hypnosis, the ideal candidate is, honestly, anyone who has trouble sticking to a healthy diet and exercise program because they can’t seem to shake their negative habits.

“As long as someone is open to the idea that a deeper state of relaxation is possible and they are willing to let go, hypnosis is a fantastic tool,”

Your subconscious is where your emotions, habits, and addictions are located. And as hypnotherapy address the subconscious instead of just the conscious, it may be more effective.

Hypnotherapy doesn’t have to be used on its own, either. Hypnosis can also be used as a complement to other weight loss programs designed by professionals to treat various health conditions.

Most hypnotists will want you to come in for about half a dozen sessions total, but you should start to see changes in your automatic thinking after just two. Sessions can vary in length and methodology depending on the practitioner. Wells, a famous hypothesis says if her patients don’t see improvement after three sessions, she re-evaluates with them because their issue is probably one hypnosis isn’t going to resolve. If your food issues actually stem from, say, a childhood phobia, hypnosis is the wrong tool to remove that roadblock.

Additionally, hypnotherapy can be helpful not only for people who want to lose weight. It is also for those who want to quit smoking, ease chronic pain, treat mental illness, or overcome phobias.

Get more knowledge about subconscious field here.

All caveats considered,

Health professionals say hypnosis can be powerful for life-long behavior change. It should be a solution on your first list when coming to a healthy life.

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