Superconscious mind is human emotional activity . We activate it to solve the complex problem in our lives. We can see the superconsciousness in many creative aspects like building new philosophical forms or constructing the worldviews.

Human psychology has three aspects. They are subconscious, conscious and superconscious. The action of the superconsciousness focuses on creative manifestations, intentions and hypotheses.

What is the concept of the superconscious?

There are two groups in the unconscious part of mental processes. They have basically different functions. The first group is the subconscious. It contains the things that relates to conscious processes. For example, in psychotherapy work, we can find subconscious motivations for a particular activity. On the contrary, the psychological protective mechanisms replace the causes of avoidance, fear and illogical behavior from memory.

The superconscious mind of human being.

However, the activity of the superconsciousness is not influenced by any external conditions. And it does not reach the level of perception in circumstance.

In addition, we can see the superconscious mind in the conjectures, hypotheses and insights. At a certain time of necessity, psychology deliver consciousness in a ready-made form.

What are the functions of the superconscious?

The superconsciousness unites the elements of experience and information in memory. Therefore, we can apply them in our real lives. There is a main difference between the superconscious ideas from the dreams and the “brilliant” ideas from the mental illness. However, they have no practical application.

Superconscious mind unites the elements of experience and information in memory.
Superconscious mind unites the elements of experience and information in memory.

Superconsciousness is directly related to demand satisfaction. It is the most stable part of the individual’s motives. The need to dominate the direction and adjust the superconsciousness in its most favorable direction uses creative adaptive mechanisms. The formation of a dominant position can cause problems when there are several equally important priorities.

In short, the superconsciousness has both positive and negative functions . Both of these areas are very necessary for humanity and personality development.

How to practice superconscious?

There is no best way to train the superconsciousness. All of the effort is considered a childish game. The superconscious has no realistic or social goals for our achievement. But it is the cognitive desire for the sake of perception. Superconscious mind contains positive and dominant interest. It helps children develop a unique ability to invent new worlds and realities. It also stimulate children’s imagination.

Superconscious mind helps to develop children's creativities and imagination.
Superconscious mind helps to develop children’s creativities and imagination.

In short, in order to improve the function of the superconscious mind, you need to dominate it. It has an emotional significance to the individual. It increases the level of cognitive activity and reduces the critical perception of the world.

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