If you take the question that “Is the subconscious mind connected to the universe?” to ask several people, you’ll get several different answers. This article would summarise and analyze the best answer.

Is subconscious mind connected to the universe?
Is subconscious mind connected to the universe?

Law of One – We are All One

The real question should be: Can anything in the universe be not connected to the universe?

There is profound truth in the ancient teaching that we are all one. It means we are all connected, not only to each other but to all of Nature and to everything in the Universe. What you do to others is what you do to yourself. What you think of others is what you think of yourself. The way you treat Nature is the way you treat yourself. The true nature of your reality is non-dualistic, meaning that while things may appear distinct, they are not separate.

So, in fact, if we are all connected, how could it be otherwise?

The universe is conscious

It’s easy to mock the idea. Put another way, in a universe governed by uncertain principles rather than hard facts, what is the “material” in materialism? 

In our standard view of things, consciousness depends on the brain. Hence, consciousness exists only in a tiny part of the universe. According to panpsychism, in contrast, consciousness pervades the universe and is a fundamental feature of it.

When using the word consciousness, it simply means experience: pleasure, pain, visual or auditory experience,… Human beings have a very rich and complex experience; horses less so; mice less so again. As we move to simpler and simpler forms of life, we find simpler and simpler forms of experience. The basic commitment is that the fundamental constituents of reality have incredibly simple forms of experience.

The subconscious connects to the universe at large

Human consciousness is an outlet of cosmic consciousness. Not talking so much about consciousness, but from the theory explained above, we could obviously see that the subconscious connects to the universe. Yes, everything relates to each other, just you need to focus on what is for you.

The field of subconsciousness is a huge storage of information that engulfs the consciousness of the individual. However, it goes deeper into realms shared by all people and all living beings.

The essence of our actions, the tendencies, instincts, motivations, desires, etc… are recorded in the mental energy of our subconsciousness. But we borrow such powers from the Life of the Universe. We did not invent love, hatred, anger, instincts… and just use them according to our individual impressions. We did not invent the powers of our subconsciousness, as these powers exist in the Universe before we were born.

Let’s just the mind. Imagine you are in a body having one invisible organ mind. It carries intellect logic reasoning some attributes, which have their own use to live day-to-day life.

The subconscious connects to the universe at large
The subconscious connects to the universe at large

While coming into connection with the universe, the mind is the trouble. you have connected already to the universe. are you not eating food from the earth, are you not taking air from the environment. you are completely immersed in the universe. all around you on you inside you is the universe.

Our mind acts inconsonance with the universe that is called conscious, but generally, we can’t have full knowledge and intelligence to understand it fully, because of partial understanding that we experiencing in life is recognized as conscious and remain as subconscious in our pursuit of happiness in life.

Subconscious mind connecting to the universe is also the key leading to the fact that it can change humans DNA

In conclusion

Realizing that our life interconnects with others’ lives and with the environment, you need to accept that fact and live together to manifest the mind of the Universe.

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