Hypnosis is a strange thing that drives the interest of most people in the world. So “is hypnosis real” or just a trick? Here are some facts about it.

The earliest records of hypnosis to answer the question : ” Is hypnosis real?”

Hypnosis has a long history. We have known it since the 1700s. Franz Anton Mesmer, an 18th century Austrian doctor, used the power of hypnosis to cure illnesses. This caused him a lot of scandals, but later people used his hypnosis.

Hynosis is a Greek word used by Franz Anton Mesmer.

The term hypnosis was named after a Scottish doctor, James Braid, who used the Greek word to form the term. Braid thought it was possible to use hypnosis in surgery. And he is right to this day that by many doctors, dentists, and psychologists still use it.

During the process of hypnosis, people are completely awake.

Many people think that we will sleep while hypnotized, but not really. Not only are you in control of your own actions, but at that time you are awake enough to hear all that the hypnotist say.

"Is hypnosis real"
During the hypnosis process, people are completely awake.

A seasoned hypnotherapist once used self-hypnosis to relieve himself of pain. He tried this during surgery. As a result, he did not feel pain. However, to apply this method widely, we still need more evidence. Surely he also went through a terrible process of ideological struggle, not just putting himself to sleep.

The fact that hypnotherapy is a form of medical treatment in many countries gives a clear answer for the questions: ” Is hypnosis real?”.

Hypnotherapy is an application that aims to quickly change bad behaviors and habits such as smoking, hitting, and drinking. Moreover, this method can also help with some panic symptoms such as fear of spiders, insects, fear of flying, thunder, injections and many other things.

Hypnotherapy also helps increase motivation, builds confidenc and reduces stress. So it is often very effective in pain relief. This treatment is particularly effective against mental illnesses.

Hypnosis doesn’t work for everyone.

To make a successful hypnosis, it requires the hypnotist’s suggestion. The hypnotized person need to open up, agree to the experience.

Hypnosis is used today by many doctors, dentists, and psychologists.

Therefore, with someone who does not want or has too much resistance to following instructions, hypnosis may fail. Some people are more susceptible to being hypnotized than others. And each person’s ability to be hypnotized is different.

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