Many people have strange ideas about hypnosis. For example, according to them, , the hypnotized person could never wake up. Or the criminal can order the hypnotized person to commit a crime or to do something harmful. However, everyone is wrong. So, actually, “Is hypnosis dangerous?”

Is hypnosis dangerous? Does it affect the brain activities?

The latest research by scientist William McGowan of the Department of Psychology of the University of Hull (UK) has shown that hypnosis affects brain activity. And actually there’s an hypnosis state.

Mr. McGowan has applied the imaging technology of the brain activity to study hypnosis. He proved that hypnosis caused the change in activity of the human brain. He asked experimental participants to perform several tasks in a hypnotic state.

Hypnosis does affect the brain activities.

Based on the experiment participants’ reactions to the request, Mr. McGowan selected 10 people who are most vulnerable to major impacts and 7 people who are not easily vulnerable.

People who are not easily vulnerable have no response to audible commands during hypnosis, but remain in a state of relaxation.

Thanks to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology, McGowan concludes that only those who are greatly affected by hypnosis have a change in brain activity before. In contrast, for those who are not easily affected, there was no change in activity of the brain area.

” Is hypnosis dangerous?”- The answer is ” No”. Because you can not be trapped in it.

It is easier to get out of hypnosis when someone tells you that you will wake up after counting to three. But theoretically no one will remain stuck in hypnosis. Does that sound like good news?

Hypnosis can help to forget a memory.

The movies have always make people believe that the hypnotized person will not remember what happened. However, the truth is, memory loss only happens when it is clearly stated during the hypnosis and is the target of hypnosis.

Hypnosis can help the patient forget their bad memories.

The hypnotized person really wants to forget about it and follow the hypnotist’s instructions. In contrast, hypnosis also has the ability to help restore memory.

Medical hypnosis and performing hypnosis are two very different forms.

Medical hypnosis has real meaning in terms of medicine. It can be either a remedy for pain or a psychological therapy. Meanwhile, performing hypnosis is usually the form of controlling the audience’s mind, making them follow their actions.

Performing hypnosis is an entertainment containing many tricks.

This is just an entertainment service containing many tricks. It helps the crowd to admire, enjoy and entertain but not the true nature of hypnosis.

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