Post Malone is a famous American singer. Music lover says that his music is the hypnosis music. Post Malone said that at the age of 16, he saw UFOs. In fact, he himself is a strange ‘object’ flying in the music world.

At the age of 21, he broke Michael Jackson’s Billboard chart with the hypnosis music song Thriller.

It wouldn’t be strange if he couldn’t achieve it with Stoney alone – a famous debut album about love and money with sparkling-clear images of “love” in a Lexus”. .

Recently, he has won 9 awards at the Billboard Music Awards with his third album, Hollywood’s bleeding. And it wouldn’t be strange if the album wasn’t that much like Stoney.

Five years after releasing the three albums, the only thing that has changed in Post Malone’s music seems to be the name of the car brands. In the second album, he included Bentley under the title Beerbongs and Bentleys. People seemed to be hypnotized when they listened to his music. They couldn’t think of anything except what happened in the song.

And with the latest album, everyone suddenly thought he was different when they heard the song “Hollywood’s bleeding”. This song was about a dark and misty night, people dreamt of working the the movie capital. They were willing to be the pray of the vampires. But they always wonder “Who will come to my funeral?”.

Post Malone in the hypnosis music song ” Holliwood’s bleeding”.

But near the end of the song, Lamborghini car image appeared. And the next 16 songs are back to style like Stoney.

In short, in addition to the chord loop, Post Malone also has a loop that he himself formulated in the title of a song: “Rich and Sad”.

Post Malone always believed that artists who want to be successful to have the hypnosis music must always renew themselves.

Even the contemporary stars like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga seem to be following that path.

And suddenly, there was a Post Malone, seemingly with no ambition to change anything, his songs sounding the same in terms of rhythm, melody, theme, structure. Although he had no progress, he was still super famous.

Maybe Post Malone is a special phenomenon. Maybe not. Before Post Malone, there was a famous Rihanna who was exactly in the same way.

That nonsense turned out to be extremely plausible. Repeat is the magic part of music. Start with single products. Not until Post Malone took advantage of the structure that repeats a few notes continuously was Pachelbel’s Canon in D or Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 the pinnacle of repetition.

Post Malone or Rihanna is just extending the notion of repetition, not just within the framework of a song, an album, but a whole career up to this point. Perhaps they also wonder that why they have to renew themselves?

To be successful and make hypnosis music, singers must always renew themselves.

Even legends like Aerosmith or Fleetwood Mac have failed in their attempts to change themselves. Who needs Aerosmith to rap metal? Who needs Post Malone to sing deep and complex songs?

Repetition “is a form of hypnosis,” said Murakami – a pop star of the literary world. It is impossible to tell artists like Post Malone to stop hypnotizing the audience. The only way is to make audience wake up their dreams.

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