The hypnotherapist Michael Newton developed a method that helps clients go back to time to recall their past life memories. More than 7,000 people talked about the experience of hypnosis regression. They remembered exactly what happened to them after their death and before their reincarnation.

Hypnosis helps people remember their past lives.
Hypnosis helps people remember their past lives.

While hypnotizing the client, Dr. Michael Newton incidentally discovered a lot of things. He can bring their souls back to which place they came from before reincarnation – or the transition of their lives. Of the 7,000 hypnosis regression cases, the vast majority have similarly reminiscent of what they called “home”.

Many people don’t believe in soul and reincarnation. However, when they come to Mr. Newtonian therapy’s, after the hypnosis, many have a permanently different perspective. They can recount some past lives in detail. They also have a clear sense of how their past life is related to this life.

With the hypnosis, people claimed that there was a period between lives

In hypnosis, the hypnosis regression is quite common. But Newton’s method is unique in its ability to recall memories from birth, before birth and the period between lives. At that time, the family of this soul was waiting for them with open arms in a certain location. Among those who were hypnotized, many were surprised to find that the person who was about to become a family was the same person who had caused difficulties in their previous life.

Dr. Micheal Newton- the specialist in hypnosis.

According to Newton, people who were hypnotized provide very reliable information about the afterlife. And everyone talked about it equally. They even used the same words to describe the scenery where they used to be and what they had seen. There was no reason for Newton to think that they were making up for a motive or some other reasons. He also did not suggest anything to them, but let them tell about their past lives.

The hypnozined participants recounted many amazing similarities, including:

-Their memories of the soul’s initial activities right after the last death on earth were equivalent to the memories of those who had been resurrected after near-death experiences.

-The souls were generally worried about having to leave the earth after death. And in many cases, they stayed for a few days during their funerals.

-Most of the time the souls passed through the tunnel towards the light of heaven.

-Familiar buildings and scenes in the world that appear at the entrance of heaven helped the soul feel comfortable when they transited from one state to another.

-When the soul communicated with other souls, they were able to manifest ancient images.

-Immediately after death, the souls were welcomed by angels or their beloved ones in a previous life in heaven. They met other important people in their previous lives. Dr. Michael Newton realized that the “heaven” they said depended entirely on an individual’s background and concerns. A person with a deep religious belief often described things like Jesus, the angels, … A singer’s paradise was the magical singing and music that their real physical body felt.

-Angels showed the way and continue to protect them in heaven.

-In the heaven, people communicated through telepathy.

-The souls who chose to stay in the human realm will become ghosts.

Using hypnosis, people admitted that there are souls in heaven.
Using hypnosis, people admitted that there are souls in heaven.

-The souls that had harmed the others would go to a separate place and stayed there for a while. In the next life, they might become victims of the other person to repay their karma.

-The soul’s human life review progress will take place, first with the guiding angels and then with the Council of the Elders.

-The soul reached its first destination in the heaven through a large gathering area.

-The souls moved forward in groups. They consisted of small energetic groups, appearing as a beam of transparent bubbles or translucent light bulbs. They contained souls that often had the same past life as the newly arrived soul.

-Soul level determined the group arrangement.

-The angles group the souls with similar characteristics together.

-The spirit world was like a big school with countless classes under the guidance of the souls working as teachers overseeing the learning process.

-All souls had their own guide, who could accompany them for thousands of years and through many lives.

-The soul learned the methods of creating objects with thoughts, starting with simple exercises.

-Souls are embodied more in other worlds than in the human realm.

-Souls have reincarnated more often in recent centuries, and up to now in the last century they may have lived 2 lives.

-They sent the soul to a place to choose a life to reincarnate.

-Souls tend to reincarnate in which they lived in their previous lives.

-Before their reincarnation, together with other souls in the spiritual world, they would learn to recognize signs from other souls they wouldprobably meet in the human realm.

-The soul left the heaven and ten through a tunnel to enter the body of a newborn baby.

-The physical shock at birth is stronger than when it is dead.

-The soul could enter the body of an infant any time: before, during or after birth.

Other cases of using hypnosis to recall the past life.

There is a particular case of a woman who has always been in conflict with her father in this life. During the hypnosis, she saw his soul live in the body of the man who had killed her in a previous life. You can see that the souls of family members are not always what we expect. Some people may grieve us because we harmed them in a previous life, which Buddhism calls return karma.

They saw strangely similar details. Before the hypnosis, thousands of people did not believe in samsara, soul and sense of origin. But these experiences changed their minds.

Dr. Michael Newton has written about this impressive study in his book Journey Of Souls: Case Studies Of Life Between Lives (The Journey of the Soul: The Study of Life Between Lives).

Conclusion of the hypnosis helps people recall their past lives.

Whether you believe it or not, your past lives and the other lives after death are real. Therefore, in this life, try to live positively and help as many people as possible.

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