Independent research in laboratories shows that the human subconscious mind can “see” events before they happen for about 10 seconds.

The human subconscious can predict the future.
The human subconscious can predict the future.

There are things that science cannot fully explain, and the subconscious is one of those topics. 7 independent laboratories conducted a meta-analysis of more than 20 experiments. It showed that the human subconscious has the ability to predict the future. This document is titled “Predict the physiological factors before unpredictable stimuli”, by Julia A. Mossbridge, a psychologist at Northwestern University, USA. He published it in the journal Frontiers in Psychology October / 2012.

During what time can the human subconscious mind foresee events?

According to the research, the human subconscious can somehow “see” the events before they happen in about 1 to 10 seconds. Before we become conscious of an event, the body responds to it. We can see its changes in the cardiopulmonary, skin, and nervous system.

How to conduct an experiment about using the subconscious mind to predict the future?

In the above independent experiments, the showed the study participants some random images that touched or neutralized the viewer (without impact). The results showed that, before the image showed up, their bodies appeared the emotional expressions afterward. The strongest reaction occurs after viewing the photo, but the slightest reaction occurred a few seconds earlier. This shows the subconscious’s ability to predict the stimulus in the future.

Predict future with the subconscious mind.
Predict future with the subconscious mind.

Researchers use the similar images to describe this phenomenon. It is a picture of a wooden stick in the middle of a river, with water flowing around. The stick causes an impact which represents an event that occurs in the future, disturbing the water flow. This process looks like an emotional event.We can see the flow of the river as the flow of time when our consciousness feels it.

Water flowing around the stick was more disturbed than downstream. A short river upstream also exhibits minor water disturbances. Similarly, we can subconsciously detect the disturbance for a while before the event occurs.

An experiment of a wooden stick in the middle of a river.


There needs to be a unified standard in many experiments to confirm the existence of a predictive future activity. The above meta-analysis can only consider experiments using different methods. However, they also found important cues that a predictive future activity does exist. Scientists encourage more research in the future, based on common standards to confirm this hypothesis.

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