Hello everybody! I am also an ordinary mother like any other mother. Mothers always wish for their children to be obedient. Today, I would like to share with you how to teach your children to be obedient: Family with young children in the beginning.

As a mother, everyone wants to give their children what they think is the best. All thoughts of mothers revolve around their children from the womb to adulthood and teach them from the smallest things in life. However, have you ever thought that you need to find a suitable way to teach your child?

Notice the emotion of you and your children

As soon as the time of birth, a baby knows nothing but comfort and discomfort. The baby is very simple, pleasant, happy to laugh, uncomfortable, crying. The family is the place that teaches children all emotions. Children learn from their parents’ feelings.

Why are there children in the class who are very obedient and independent, but when they come home they are hyperactive? Because the house is the place that has parents’ arms, this is the place where children can freely be themselves. Your children will only reveal their truest feelings where they feel safe.

Please do not be angry or indifferent when the child is not good. Never deny a child’s feelings. Think about how one day your children no longer want to act like that emotion to you or all the joys and sorrows of your children are unknown.

Each child feels afraid of being indifferent or distant. Therefore, so that teach children to be obedient, parents always need to take care of them. It’s best to have time for family members to share.

Spend a good time with your children

The Japanese way to teach children to be obedient

After getting married, Japanese women often stay at home to take care of their families. The Japanese way to teach children to be obedient is to give children time and peace to grow up, which is also considered a good tradition of Japanese women. They are always with their children during adulthood. All Japanese children feel safe when they go home where there is a mother who always gives them peace.

However, not all women have the same desire. Each woman will have a private desire to create for their life. It is important that no matter what, you must build a true nest for your children.

Give your children real peace

During the first time in life, a child needs the love of both parents to have a true family. Let’s both parents feel comfortable before giving birth. If there is not interest and sharing in the family, the mother will not have happiness, which makes the mother less likely to care for her children.

Actually, in life, many mothers hold everything to keep their children. All angry, the mother at not saying it and keeping it to herself. Then, when emotions explode, it is children who get hurt. The hurt from the family brings to the psychology of children the hurt never lost.

You can learn to release your mentality every day to find your own happiness. When you are truly comfortable, you can learn how to say love words.

Teach children to be confident and independent.

Teach children to be independent and mature.

Today, children are living life is full of material. Besides, everyone also loves children very much. Almost all children just need to do well in school. The whole world just lets the adults worry.

Children are too wrapped up so they will be afraid of suffering and not knowing what to do. The family decides on everything for children from the smallest things like dressing up, to where to go or what to make friends with.

The family forgets that even though children need love, they also need maturity. For children to grow up, families need to patiently teach them how to do everything instead of lining them up step by step. Let teach your children to grow up and walk on their own feet.

Your children’s confidence comes from independence.

It is the careful protection of the family from an early age that deprives the confidence of children. So that be confident, children need to have many experiences. That is the children’s feeling of doing things on their own and the adult’s sense of success, the joy of self-dressing, personal hygiene, etc.

The feeling of accomplishment makes your children confident in doing things. This personality also according to children when they grow up.

Install love into your subconscious

The subconscious controls actions and emotions.

The best way to show the love of the family for children is for their subconscious to see it. The subconscious is the place that determines 90% of human actions and emotions. Anything that is installed in your subconscious mind from an early age will be difficult to forget. Let children’s subconscious know that their family loves them. It is that love that motivates parents to do everything for their children. Children’s subconscious will also reciprocate family love likewise.

How to install love words for children is extremely simple. Those are the love words that parents always say to their children every day when they are young. However, when is it appropriate to install love into the children’s subconscious? The answer is the moment when they wake up. This is the golden time of every human being that decides 70% of status all day.

APP RESUMIND- Way to teach your children to be obedient

If you can’t tell your children to love words in the early morning, let APP RESUMIND helps you do that. This is a tool that installs the subconscious. It is a combination of recording, alarm, notes, Ebook, and Google’s text to speech technology. Therefore, you just need to preset love messages and the time your children want to wake up. As soon as your children turn off the alarm, this app emits love messages in the human voice. If you do not like to hear the machine voice, you can use the recording in your voice.

When you were a woman, you had the ability to be a mother. There are no books that can teach you better motherhood than that ability. You absolutely can be a mother with all love for your children.

Please read how to teach your children to be obedient: Family with young children in the beginning! Before you are a mother, you need to define the role of the family with your children clearly.

Thank you so much! Good luck!

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