Nowadays, many parents want their children to learn English as soon as possible. Here are how to teach English to children. Hopefully, you will teach your children to learn English successfully.

1. How to Teach English to Children: Study with your child together.

Come with your child to study at the English center.

Come with your children to study at the English center is no stranger to parents these days. However, have you ever thought that you study an English course with your children? It is great that you can build an attitude toward learning with your children.

With your children learning English, you can also understand their learning ability. Besides, you will notice some mistakes in your children right from the start.

Learn English with your child at home

After studying English with your children at the English center, you can also study at home with your children. When you realize mistakes in the English pronunciation of your children, you can correct them at home before they learn new lessons at the English center, which both reinforces your English knowledge and teaches your children to learn.

2. How to Teach English to Children: Put English into life.

There is a situation that many people encounter is to learn English, which cannot be used in practice but can only be used to take the test because communication English is completely different from English on paper. Do you want your child to avoid this situation?

There is a huge mistake in learning any language that when thinking about learning a foreign language, people often think about boring vocabulary and grammar. However, learning any language always follows a sequence is Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing. Especially, learning to write English is completely different from listening, speaking, and reading English.

Listen to English by videos.

Children, who want to learn English well, need to start listening to simple English phrases. They do not parody English words for the first time hearing, but if they hear those words many times, they will say it again.

You can find many English videos on youtube, along with foreign TV shows. You ready to open to your baby anytime you want.

Read stories in English for your children.

Nowadays, you can buy a lot of multi-language storybooks. When a child, your children do not wonder what you read to them. They are only interested in “wiretapping” on the sounds emit.

Reading a comic to your children before they go to bed is a great way to develop language.

Chat with your children in simple English sentences in everyday life.

For children to learn English better, let them use it every day. Instead of using completely Vietnamese at home, please chat with your children in simple English sentences. In other words, let your children speak English as their mother tongue.

Children like playing with colors. They enjoy the freedom to imagine and create. Therefore, you can use English to play with your child. Please instruct your children to play and name things in English:

  • You can mix red with yellow to orange.
  • Why don’t we draw a picture for our grandparents?
  • Can you help me get a pen?

There are many simple sentences for you to use in everyday life, which helps you both teaching children and improving their spoken English ability.

3. How to Teach English to Children: Apply APP RESUMIND

Most of the above methods will require you to be able to use spoken English. However, with RESUMIND, you can both learn English and teach your children from 0.


Through process study, the consciousness and subconscious of humans, detect the influence of the subconscious on people, and the best time to activate the subconscious RESUMIND has been launched. RESUMIND is the first application that helps users install subconscious programming. This app helps users learn and develop themselves, create and innovate constantly.

RESUMIND is an application that combines alarms, recording, and notes with text to speech technology (also known as Google TTS). TTS technology helps you convert text into human speech.

You can choose the content and time to emit the messages. At the selected time, the application will emit the messages you have pre-installed. RESUMIND helps to put these messages into the subconscious for users to learn and develop themselves.

How to Teach English to Children: Study English with APP RESUMIND

Listening to conversations in English is extremely good for children developing language. However, some problems happen that you do not know English and cannot control the content on Youtube. How can your children hear English conversations with positive content?

On RESUMIND, there is a library of 100 most popular dialogues in English. You can use this built-in library for your children to hear. TTS technology converts from text to speech according to the intonation of native speakers. Therefore, you absolutely do not worry that there are wrong pronunciations.

Moreover, learning English with RESUMIND in the early morning is an effective learning method by the subconscious mind. It helps increase 200% more ability to memorize. Besides, it helps you learn quickly and remember for a long time.

The only downside of RESUMIND when you learn English is intonation. Because TTS technology always reads correctly according to each sound, but it is a machine, there is no human intonation.

The above is how to teach English to children: 3 simple tips for impressive results. Parents should apply these methods to teach children as soon as possible so that their children develop their language the best.

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