Learning a second language is never easy, teaching a second language is even harder. Teaching beginners can be a daunting prospect, nevertheless, it can be the most fun and rewarding career you may have. In another word, working in the English as a Second Language field is a wonderfully challenging and complex endeavor. So how to teach English to new language learners in the most efficient way? This question might be complex to many, but you’re lucky enough to be here. In this article, I will show you the most common challenges you might face, as well as some ways to start teaching English to beginners and most importantly, the secret tool to handle all problems.

how to teach English to complete beginners

5 Common Problems you might Face when Teaching English to Beginners

As with any teaching job, teaching English as a second language is not without its challenges. Here are a few you can expect:

It’s Tough to Teach From the Foundation

Absolute beginners are a tough nut to crack because they have no previous knowledge of English. They’ll be coming to you raw, sometimes without knowing their ABCs, numbers, and common phrases like “Hello!” and “Goodbye!” They won’t know what nouns and adjectives are or how to form a sentence or question.

Limited Learning Environments

In the case of learning English, it’s not about the class materials, the weather, or the location anymore, it’s all about the surrounding environment and what happens outside of class that matters. Thus, how you establish such an ideal background for your students is the question you must answer.

Students Don’t Take Their Study Seriously

As usual, students study English only in the classroom when the teacher is teaching, they drop the books after the class. They don’t focus on learning the language seriously, leading to every little problem which eventually results in a big gap in their knowledge.

Over-Use of Native Language in the Classroom

Students learn another language best when they’re forced to use it. As they still haven’t got familiar with the English language or haven’t been able to apply what they learned into practice, they tend to rely on their mother language. This would prevent them from developing their English skills, as well, making it more challenging for the teachers to teach them well.

Students Become Too Dependent on the Teacher

If a student goes to the teacher with every little problem s/he runs into, then the student will never be able to learn the language on their own. But you might face this problem usually because the beginners would rely on you much.


Quickest Ways to Start Teaching English to Beginners

For teachers who are willing to put in the effort, you should apply these 3 core steps below start teaching English to your students. 

Teaching the Basics

I suggest you follow this order: start with alphabet and numbers; then pronunciation; nouns; how adjectives modify nouns; how to use verbs; other forms of words; tenses and articles; then common phrases and finally, how to apply them into real life.

Embracing Best Practices

There are some recommendations for this step that you can consult:

  • Encourage students to speak only English in the classroom
  • Provide verbal and written instructions
  • Monitor students’ progress constantly
  • Promote a diversity of modes of learning
  • Break lessons into small pieces

Making Learning English Fun

There is the fact that people receive knowledge easier through the subconscious mind when they are not actually learning. Thus, it is important for you to create a joyful atmosphere in the class in order to impart skills and knowledge into their mind subconsciously. You can use games to reinforce the topic of the day, use visuals to teach language, promote the use of targeted language apps on mobile devices, use social media.

RESUMIND – The Ultimate Secret Of A Successful English Teacher

It would be really amazing if you got a tool that integrates all the tips to start teaching English I mentioned sooner. And RESUMIND is that incredible tool for you!

RESUMIND is the latest Reprogram Subconscious Mind App created and being developed by Alan AI Voice Lab team with the core value of helping people get inspired and increase productivity in every field of work in their lives. It provides you with plenty of convenient utilities to easily program your mind in a positive way, which is especially appropriate for language teachers like you.

RESUMIND is that fun mobile device that can make your lesson less boring, or even help you become an interesting teacher beloved by students. Vocabulary, Grammar in form of games and visuals that promote language skills can easily be uploaded into the app and shared within groups of students.

You can also use RESUMIND as your private assistant which stores and organizes your documents smartly, as well, kick your mood up whenever you like with a huge library of positive affirmations.

Good news for RESUMIND users

RESUMIND is now available on App Store, CH Play, and Chrome Extension, which is synchronized between your phone and your work on the website.

Now, whenever you got inspired by a sentence on a random web, just by a click you would get it in the app stores. All you have to do is download RESUMIND Chrome Extension version here.

Another good news is that RESUMIND is now available in free trial forms, so it’s a great opportunity for you to try out the ultimate utilities of the app today.

Its free version is currently active, take advantage right away by leaving your email down in the comment. If you have any further requests, don’t hesitate to contact us through the mail alanaivoicelab@gmail.com.

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