How to teach children to get rich: Thinking + Habit of learning from rich self-made billionaires. Let’s read them all to teach your children to get rich without losing their childhood.

Because of the hard work with life, many parents make their children study like machines with the expectation that they will not hard. However, is it possible that you are overdoing it with the children’s age? Teaching children to get rich is not an easy task. If you are not careful, you will lose your children’s happiness.

How to teach children to get rich: Let start changing from yourself

Before you want to teach your children anything, learn yourself first. Try asking a person who does not think of getting rich, then how to teach your children.

It’s like a dumb person teaching others how to speak. If you do not have any concept of finance, what do you teach your children?

Having a clear plan creates a better spending habit.

If you yourself spend more money than you earn or spend money inappropriately, how do you think you will teach your children to spend?

If your family’s finances are not enough to meet life, please review daily income and expenditure. From there, you can find uncertainty and cut down on inadequate spending.

Your thoughts on money

Are you making money for your dreams and your goals? Or are you just making money due to the compulsion of life? If you are making money because you are forced, how do you convince your child to get rich?

Teach your children to get rich with a positive attitude so that they know how to get rich is also a joy. There is a secret of the human subconscious: “happy feelings lead to successful jobs.” If you want to make money successfully, then have fun with what you do.

How to teach children to get rich: Thinking to get rich from a young age.

If getting rich is hard, teaching a person to get rich even harder. Especially, with children, there are many things your children do not understand and need you to teach. However, talent does not wait for age. Teaching children to get rich should be taught from a young age so that they can draw knowledge and experience to get rich.

Many people confuse rich and get rich. A person can be rich by inheritance, but to get rich from his own hands, takes a lot of determination and practice. The best is family should build up your children the determination to get rich from a young age.

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On the library of RESUMIND, there is a collection of many good quotes from self-made billionaires. Families can use RESUMIND as an alarm for their children. As soon as your children turn off the alarm, the preset messages will emit, which helps to set into your children’s subconscious how to get rich.

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How to teach children to get rich: Habit

Create habits rich people for children

Many families let their children do housework to make money, which is very good for growing up. Your baby will understand the meaning of money and become more independent. However, that doesn’t mean you pay for cleaning toys or cleaning their rooms. Families should only give a small portion of the money when children work for their parents. Let’s tell your children: “The rich never give up on any opportunities to make money.”

Let’s stimulate business children to make money with their own capital. You can suggest for your baby to sell toys or candies during the holidays and fairs, which helps children increase income along with accumulating sales experience. Let your children make mistakes and gain their own experiences.

The secret of 6 books leads to success.

Many billionaires around the world have notebooks that record everything in life. Certainly, those books were asked to buy at very high prices. Have you ever wondered why this is the case?

1. Wise book

A wise book is a place that records all the ideas that have arisen in life. Most people nod to that idea when they have an idea and forget gradually for all the inappropriate reasons.

“Don’t trust your memory,” said Jim Rohn. Because memories are always changing and discarding unnecessary things, a notebook is essential for your children to record every idea from small to large. After a while, your children will be very surprised to read this book again.

2. Goal and plan book

It is a notebook that records your children’s goals and plans from dreams for the future to their little wishes, along with those are the plans for your child to implement.

For example, your children’s dream is to become an interpreter, a language learning plan, or a plan for a study day, study time, and rest.

Write a plan every week or even every day and keep track of your progress. You can create the habit from an early age for your children, which is a way to set goals for your children in the future.

3. Successful book

It is the place to record all your children’s successes in life. It could be work to help the family or a charity. When you write your own successes, feelings of happiness and satisfaction come. Success attracts success. When small successes are recognized, they will attract greater successes.

4. Financial book

The book records all of your children’s expenses from small to large. The notebook usually has 4 columns, date & month, the content of work, revenue, and expenditure. Families need to work with their children to keep track of this book in great detail.

It is the most important step that helps your child learn to manage money. Once in a while, looking back at the expenditure, your children will see that their money is disappearing. They will rethink the list of items they want to buy and cut the unnecessary.

5. Time book

The notebook records all of your children’s activities for the day. Your children will know what they have done during the day, and what time is wasted.

Learning how to manage your time is one of the steps every billionaire has to take.

6. Relational book

There’s a pretty good saying: Your life is changed by two things: One is a book you’ve read. The two are the people you met!

There is another formula:


A record of relationships reminds your children to stay connected. If you manage all your relationships well from a young age, then this will be a prerequisite for large businesses.

The above is How to teach children to get rich: Thinking + Habit. Hopefully, after you read that, you will apply it to teaching your children to get rich properly.

Thank you so much!

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