For ambitious people, becoming managers is an excellent opportunity to advance their career development and make more income. That would be an exciting but also overwhelming way where you’ll have to always upgrade your ability and skills to compete against other qualified candidates. If you just started thinking about becoming a manager, or even have that dream for a while but lacking the method, then we are here with the most amazing tool – Resumind App to help you!

How to succeed managers?
Human resource and work management problem

5 common challenges new managers would meet

1. Developing Managerial and Personal Effectiveness

New managers must learn to lead while while working productively. Time management, stress management, relationship management, and industry-specific expertise are all new talents.

2. Adjusting to Managing People and Displaying Authority

It is challenging for any new managers to move from being a colleague to a superior while maintaining strong personal ties and garnering respect. Influencing others, managing, and organizing employees who are not in their direct line of authority are all new and challenging skills.

3. Leading Team Achievement For Managers

When directions and expectations are unclear, managers must be the ones who give leadership and guidance to their staff. New abilities include the skill to provide orders to team members and monitor their work in order to keep organized and meet deadlines. The managers should master the ability to build and manage a team, as well as to maintain or improve team chemistry.

>>> Build Relationships with your patner

Managers need to develop strategies to develop teams, companies
Managers need to develop strategies to develop teams, companies

4. Motivating Other Employees

As the head of the company, managers have to be a great inspiration and an ideal model for their employees to follow. New managers should learn to motivate their subordinates to perform given tasks well, urge others to exceed expectations, and understand what motivates others, motivate others without monetary incentives.

5. Working With a Range of Employees

First-time managers must be able to effectively collaborate and lead people with diverse perspectives, personalities, specialties, skills, and abilities. New skills they have to learn to include adapting their behavior based on how various each individual works as well as sensitivity while managing multicultural teams.

Practice negotiation and persuasion skills

Solutions for all managers: RESUMIND App

Overcome all challenges to succeed in a career as a professional manager is never easy, but it’s much simpler with the help of RESUMIND App.

Resumind is the very first app to reprogram your subconscious mind created and well developed by team Alan AI Voice Lab, all for the purpose of helping its users to a work better, enhance well-being and eventually achieve better lives. It’s also used as an extremely efficient assistant for any CEOs and managers because of its unique utilities and functions that no other apps have.

As a first-time manager, it’s really important to held effective meetings to consolidate your professional image as well as get good ideas to come into action for overall development for your company. For this case, RESUMIND does its job well! With only a click, you can immediately send notification about an emergency meeting to every employee in your company.

Support Word, Voice, and Image

Moreover, the manager can take extreme advantage of the app which supports not only words but also images, voice records, and voice reminders. If you’re so busy with work but still need to hold an important meeting, you can choose between typing and record your voice such as: “There’s a meeting at 4 pm, everyone is required to fully present.” You can also attach images of each individual’s duty to the notification. Then the noti would be sent instantly to everyone in the group on the app.

This RESUMIND App is also beneficial for busy workers. If the employees are too busy to open their phone to check the notification, they can quickly use the voice reminder utility of the app by simply click on the notification, it will say the task out loud.

Besides, RESUMIND also makes it much more convenient for managers to control their workers. You now can know whether your information comes to your employees or not as the app will notice who has received and read or heard your notifications.


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