Speak like a manager is a key concept that gives greater clarity in your ministry and an increased impact on the business. Indeed, how we speak, our tone, the words we use, and our inflection… can often provide tips about our experience level, our role, and our level of professionalism.

When you become a boss, the first requirement is not only to know how to be a leader but also how to communicate like one. It’s easy to see that a manager doesn’t sound like a typical employee. He or she can express confidence as well as timbre and clarity through their vocal presence, which can motivate and inspire the masses.

managerment persona

In fact, communicating like a manager could make your opportunity to get promoted greater. So how to display the “management persona” and boost your chance to become a boss? Let’s follow these principles!

Principles that make you speak like a manager

Principle 1: Communicate promptly

Clarity comes from clean lines of communication. Responding to people promptly is a mark of good leadership and communication. When communicating, try to set expectations for response times, and be clear about them. Create boundaries and expectations with your team, and commit yourself to them.

Communicating promptly and clearly is a mark of integrity, respect, and leadership.  If you lead a team, you’ll earn their respect for this principle as a part of your skillset.

Principle 2: Speak in threes

There’s a limit to what our working memories can remember. By speaking in three points “Government of the people, by the people, for the people.”, you force yourself to choose the three most important reasons you’re making a point, and you use a narrative structure that we have been conditioned to follow since nursery rhymes.

Principle 3: Cut the use of filler words and phrases

During presentations or speeches, people tend to add some sub-vocalizations such as “um” and “er” which awkwardly fill the silence, or as a subconscious habitual cough, lip-licking, or overused hand gesture. However, these gestures make you seem much more confident.

Principle 4 : To sound professional, be knowledgeable

For CEO and managers, being knowledgeable and competent is the first step in sounding professional. They need to not just ‘sound’ professional, but also have the right information to answer questions. If you are uncertain about what you’re saying, you’ll come across as tentative, and certainly not confident.

Principle 5: Know when to speak up and when to listen

It’s not just how you speak like a boss, but when you choose to do so. Strategic leaders don’t just blurt out their ideas; they read the room and see when would be the best time to speak for maximum impact.

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how to sound like a manager

RESUMIND – the ultimate solution

To sound like a manager, you must develop all the principles above together, it may be overwhelming to get used to it, and RESUMIND is the right tool that you need. I’ll show you how the app does that.


RESUMIND is the very first app by ALan Ai Voice Lab team to reprogram the subconscious mind for the purpose of better studying and absorbing good habits. Featuring the techniques relating to the subconscious such as hypnosis and positive affirmations, it supports you much in your way to study better as well as nurture good habits and live a happy healthy life.

As an employee in the competition to become a manager of the company, RESUMIND would help you:

Develop the thoughts of a real manager

There is no other better way to think like a boss than to actually think you are a boss. It may sound impossible as you have no experience on this, however, with the function of reprogramming subconscious mind, RESUMIND can totally help you to develop deep in your mind that you are actually a boss at the time.

You just have to insert the text “I’m a manager” into the app and set the timer, it will automatically ring and remind you of that thought. In this way, you will easily get used to thinking and speaking like a real professional manager.

Boost your confidence and positvity

To successfully make a great impression, the first thing you have to do is to be confident, which is hard for some to achieve.

Resumind with the outstanding features now can positively impact your mind in three conditions: unconscious, subconscious, and conscious. This means you can receive and remember information, knowledge, and positive thinking that a CEO or manager has any time and anywhere, even when you are asleep or doing your job. 

Moreover, Resumind also gives users much convenience by providing them with a large library of several positive affirmations to input into your mind in order to boost your confidence as well as remain your positivity.

Develop management habit

Having good management skills is one of the requirements to be a manager, so you have to master it first. By using Resumind, you are provided with the utilities of smart note-taking and automatic reminders.

With this, the task of organizing is no longer a problem, in addition, you don’t have to worry about missing any deadline thanks to the reminding function of the app.

Enjoy the limited trial version of Resumind by leaving your mail below or direct us through alanaivoicelab@gmail.com

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