Students are always faced with the pressure of homework, memorizing sessions, especially students in natural science. Having to memorize and remember for a long time is sometimes very difficult, which causes you great stress in learning. Therefore, you need to relieve stress to continue learning. Here is my share about “how to relieve stress in learning with APP RESUMIND“.

What is stress?

Stress is one of the psychological diseases that are no stranger to everyone. It appears at both school age, working-age, and retirement age. Stress is like a stressful phenomenon of nerves. However, it is always around us and appears everywhere such as at home, school, work, etc. Besides, stress affects many activities in living and learning. It makes us feel frustrated and tired all the time.

What causes stress?

Firstly, health problems such as illness, lack of nutrients,… make you nervous.

Secondly, environmental problems: weather, noise, dust, pollution, traffic congestion, etc.

Thirdly, negative thoughts: Sometimes, the problem is just because we have thoughts that cause stress for our nerves. For example, you are afraid of not learning well.

Fourthly, stressful problems of life: There is a lot of family pressure about your achievements. Besides, homework is too much or your time is always spent studying, etc.

Expressions of stress:

Expressions about behavior

  • It difficult in order to think, focus on work.
  • Activities are not on time such as sleeping, eating, and drinking.
  • In some cases, it is possible to stop eating or eat more than usual.
  • Conservative in decisions and refusing to listen to other people’s opinions.
  • Insomnia for a long time.
  • Stressed people will easily get irritable, angry.
  • Using stimulants has negative effects on health.
  • Appear many expressions like clumsy, forgetful.

Expressions on the body

  • Muscle pain and strain.
  • Have a digestive disorder.
  • Dizziness, sweat.
  • Tired and don’t want to do anything.
  • Patients often have a headache.

Expressions of emotion

  • Feel yourself helpless.
  • Always feel anxious and restless.
  • Feeling tired and sad.
  • Stressed people always feel uncomfortable with everything around them.

The common way to relieve stress in learning:

  •  Let’s stop all work and relax for a few days. During those days, you can travel with your family or alone that depends on you.
  •  Let chat and share with one person. Sharing the pressure will help ease your mind.
  • Listening and singing happy songs. Listening to cheerful tunes can relieve the pressure temporarily, but only to a small extent.
  • Do exercise regularly. When you act without thinking too much, your nerves will be relaxing.
  • Think more positively. Besides, changing your mindset can help you avoid negative thoughts and create no pressure.
  • Do what you like.
  • Watch interesting programs.
  • Take a deep breath, do yoga, or take a meditation course.

App relieves stress in learning-RESUMIND

RESUMIND is a 5 in 1 application. This app combines alarms, recordings, notes, reminders with text-to-speech technology. It always helps users to wake up. It emits preset messages to cheer the spirit and encourage people to always have forward-looking minds. Therefore, when these users have a positive mindset, they do not feel stress and pressure.

Install APP RESUMIND to relive stress in learning

Currently, APP RESUMIND– relieve stress in learning is available on the app store CH Play of Android.

You just need to open the app store, then search for RESUMIND and install it into your device.

You can download it here.

 The way to relieve stress in learning with RESUMIND

With APP RESUMIND, you can set the times and positive cheerful messages, compliments, jokes, or songs that you want to hear. As soon as the alarm rings, after you touch the screen, the preset messages will sound to cheer users up. Besides, using text-to-speech technology with many languages helps you learn foreign languages better.

The tool helps you to memorize quickly and easily-RESUMIND

You can also memorize with RESUMIND by setting the messages about lessons that you need to memorize. As soon as the phone alarm sounds off, this app will play all preset messages. You just need to read along without the book. This is very helpful to those who feel bored when reading the book.

With RESUMIND, you can also learn when you sleep because you just need to listen with your ears and repeat with your mouth. Learning has become easier than ever. Besides, memorizing is no longer pressure.

Share experience using RESUMIND

Perhaps everyone was in the state of studying the before night, but the next morning did not remember anything. Have you ever thought there is a tool to help you review every day?

As a natural science student, last year I needed to take an additional history exam in high school, I had a lot of pressure. Normally, I study Literature in a state of learning first and forget later. Learning history with me is like a disaster. I was introduced by classmates about RESUMIND in History lessons. Then I tried it. I was really surprised when I didn’t forget the lesson anymore.

The messages I set up for RESUMIND are essays, poems, historical periods, and self-supporting messages. When I wake up in the morning, as soon as the alarm turns off, RESUMIND will emit the content you need to memorize to avoid I forget the lesson.

Above are my shares about how to relieve stress in learning with APP RESUMIND. Hopefully, you will like my article and share it with everyone.

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How to relieve stress in learning with resumind
App Resumind

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