Nowadays, many people seriously violated the regulations on isolation. It leads to the spread of this disease in the community. And it causes frustration in public. Consequently, it is very important and urgent to raise all people’s responsibility for the preventing covid-19 consciously.

corona virus- the factor which causes the serious covid-19 epidemic.

Many people still do not know the danger of the covid-19 epidemic consciously.

We can see that, thanks to the strong measures of the Government and the effective coordination from people, Vietnam is being evaluated as a bright spot in the preventing and controling the Covid-19 epidemic. Many countries around the world are in “broken battle”, because the number of infections and deaths caused by Covid-19 is constantly increasing.

Covid-19 has killed millions of people globally.

Vietnam is still maintaining the disease control in the country well. They have both struggled with the epidemics and developed socio-economic effectively. However, a number of individuals and organizations do not strictly comply with the regulations on epidemic prevention and control. It led to the fact that the epidemic’s spread in the community. Therefore, it’s very urgent that everyone in the community must raise their awareness to prevent the covid-19 epidemic consciously.

How to consciously prenvent and struggle with the covid-19 epidemic?

In order to effectively prevent covid-19 epidemic, it is necessary to have strong handling measures to clarify the responsibilities of organizations and individuals violating regulations on epidemic prevention and control. And at the same time punish them strictly. Schools, hospitals and supermarkets have carry out well the simple but effective measures to prevent and control Covid-19 epidemics such as wearing masks and disinfection.

It’s necessary to carry out the strict measures to prevent and struggle with covid-19 epidemic.

The Covid-19 epidemic prevention cannot be successful if, somewhere, there are still individuals and organizations take light compliance with the regulations on disease prevention and control. It is essential to punish strictly the organizations and individuals that violate the anti-epidemic regulations. In addition, each individual needs to promote and improve their anti-epidemic spirit, so that “each citizen is a soldier, each household, village or neighborhood is a fortress against the epidemic”.

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