Is it possible for us to program your mind to experience more happiness, joy, and success? Are we able to change habits, feel better, and improve our lives in every way by program your mind in the same way a software developer would design a virtual reality?

Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief, would say 100% yes! There are countless respected authors, researchers, and scientists that speak about the power of programming the subconscious mind.

So what is mind programming?

According to Professor Rick Hanson, a neuroscientist, member of the advisory board of the U.C Center. Berkeley’s Greater Good Science and author of Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and Confidence, the brain will design to focus on negative things – the things that can cause us to strain. straight and unhappy, even when a lot of good things happen so if we should train our brain to accept positive experiences by spending time focusing on these experiences and “install” them into the brain. That is mind programming.

What kinds of minds are there?

It’s important to realize that we have two minds: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Our conscious mind is our creative mind that is responsible for critical thinking, focusing on tasks, managing our identity, and more. Our subconscious mind is where our beliefs, emotions, and memory are stored, and it is far more powerful than the conscious mind. It holds the programs that hold the most influence over our habits, actions, and results we experience in life.

The good news is that our subconscious mind is programmable and will respond to the suggestions you give it. We know that our conscious minds produce beta brainwaves and our subconscious mind produces alpha waves.

The key to producing a permanent change in behavior, adopting an empowering new belief, achieving more success, and coding your subconscious mind is to give your mind your preferred ways of being while in the alpha state.

How to program your subconscious mind when you sleep

There are two ways to do this effectively. Let me show you


The first is hypnosis, which involves the use of words and relaxation techniques to guide you into the alpha state. Once the body and mind are relaxed, the suggestions and new beliefs can be communicated or programmed into the subconscious.


The next way is to record your suggestions and play them to yourself before bed. As you go to sleep each night, you can play yourself a simple guided visualization or set of affirmations, which will be pick up and adopt by the subconscious mind

The problem is that when you go to sleep, regular headphones are bulky, annoying, and disrupt sleep. Fortunately, SleepPhones are the perfect solution to listening to proven techniques to shift your life in profound ways. The flat speakers in a soft headband let you comfortably listen to programming while in bed, even if you’re lying on your side.

The understanding of how to program the subconscious, hypnosis, affirmations, and working with mindset has been around for hundreds of years and has proven beyond a doubt to be one of the most powerful personal development tools. Today the world’s most successful athletes and Olympians use some form of mental programming or hypnosis to compete at the highest levels. This knowledge has become a necessity in the field of excellence.


The best part is that you don’t need a science degree or a complicated procedure to make this work for you. Simply write out a list of your goals or affirmations. You can record them on your phone and listen to them at night. You can describe what your ideal life looks like and feels like.

Once you listen a few times, you’ll get better at describing your ideal life and personality traits. You can use the suggestions to build confidence, skills, experiences, relationships, characteristics, and experiences. The options are only limited to your imagination!

One last important piece of information: The subconscious mind is also programmed and changed through repetition. It is important to continually design and presents your suggestions to the subconscious mind. As you begin to become a better version of yourself, new challenges and aspirations will arise. You can use the same process to help you achieve your goal faster.

Let’s imagine

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Design the way you want your life to be and visualize it before bed. As an experiment, consider using this technique for 30 days in a row and test your results.

The mind is not fixed, it will be programmed, and we have the ability through awareness and training to become anything we imagine.

The app “Reprogram subconscious mind” will help you reprogram your subconscious mind and belief system while sleeping. This application is not only built for children but also for everyone who needs to control the subconscious and belief.

RESUMIND - reprogram subconscious your mind
RESUMIND – reprogram subconscious mind


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