One of the common question often being asked at the motivational interviewing is :” What is your motivation to work?” This is one of the tough questions in the job interviews. If you are not familiar with this question or do not know what to prepare for the answer, please immediately refer to the suggestions below! The information in the article will help you have better interviewing skills.

Preparing for a motivational interviewing is very important.
Preparing for a motivational interviewing is very important.

In any interview, it is difficult for candidates to avoid answering behavioral questions from employers. Some common questions might be “What is your motivation for work?” or “What is your job goal in the next 3 years?”. These answers are not difficult for the quick and smart people but will be an obstacle for many other candidates. So how to answer these questions skillfully?

You can prepare for this answer in two ways: finding the information and prepare your story.

1. The best way to be successful in a motivational interviewing is to find useful information related to the position you are applying for.

First, read the job description and its requirements many times. If you are familiar with the job, you can adust your answers to suit the position you are applying for. For example, if the description says that the employer needs someone who can work independently and has good problem solving skills, then you should say that you think the job you are applying for gives you the opportunity to work independently and proactively. And that is what drives you.

How to prepare for a motivational interviewing?
The best way to be successful in a motivational interviewing is to find the useful information related to the position you want to apply for.

Besides, research the mission and values ​​of the company you’re applying for to see if you can align your answers with them. For instance: If you are being interviewed for a nonprofit organization, you could say that you are keen on how to make a difference in the world.

2. You can be successful in a motivational interviewing by preparing a story.

When you answer “what motivates you”, explain your motivation as well as give a story that shows how that motivation helped you to be successful at work.

3. How to answer the questions: “What is your motivation for work?”

Sometimes the best answer to a question is not to say something bad. And for the question of work motivation, the following answers will make you “have points” in the eyes of employers:

“Being able to work in groups and contribute efforts to fulfill the company’s goals are my two biggest motivations. Especially in your company, I think that the collaborative environment and the company’s mission will motivate me to work and stick with people more. ”

Be confident when answering the questions in a motivational interviewing.

Try to avoid the answers like below:

“I am trying to buy a house and the only way I can afford it is to make more money.”
“I have to work hard so I don’t get fired.”
“My motivation to work is to get a promotion.”

You can prepare and learn on your own to easily respond to the common questions like “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” or “What salary would you expect?”. So prepare yourself to be as optimistic and confident as possible to pass the interview!

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