Being public figures, singers not only have to protect their own images but also their professionality, which is reflected in their live shows. Organizing a successful performance can be daunting as one requires smooth collaboration between all members backstage and onstage. That means you – the singer also has to get used to working with everyone, which is not easy. So how to plan for a complete concert and get everyone’s tasks done well?

How to plan for a successful performance
Singer’ team should plan for the performance to have the desired effect

Steps to make a successful performance

1. Have a plan

Even you’re a singer, not the manager, you are allowed to be creative and raise up your own ideas of the stage, especially for your own performance. In this way, as everything goes with your ideas, it would be much easier for you to be in control and make a good show.

On the other hand, creating and organizing is not your main task. If you are given an available plan and satisfy with it, your work is to memorize it. In the case of singing performance, your plan is your setlist. The setlist is a list of songs that you’ll be performing. It may be difficult to remember. If you’re still finding the method for this problem, I highly recommend using RESUMIND – the very first application applying the subconscious learning method.

You just have to put the plan into the app (it can be in form of texts, voice records, or even images). RESUMIND will frequently remind you of the plan so that your subconscious mind is reprogrammed and receive the information of those lyrics as natural sources, just like a baby adapting to the surrounding environment. This will help you remember the performance plan really quickly.

Use the resumin app to memorize the lyrics
Use the resumind app to memorize the lyrics

2. Practice for the performance

Everyone knows that they need to practice before a big performance. But it’s even more important to practice correctly for the performance. Singing in front of a thousand people is a very stressful. Keep in mind that hard-work makes dream works and don’t stop trying your best before the final stage.

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3. Most important thing: assign tasks to the team effectively

To do all those steps below, you will need to contact your team frequently and assure their jobs are in the right order and done well too. You know the drill. You call a team meeting to discuss the show. If you’re the leader, you may share many things from backstage tasks, the sound, lights, props, costumes, target dates, and so on then receive back the deer-in-headlights look a week later. That’s why we need to assign tasks to the team effectively. Fortunately, the sole tool you need is RESUMIND.

RESUMIND is not only the reprogramming subconsicous mind app but also an extremely effective assigning work tool due to its myriad unique functions.

Resumid app is easy to install on your phone for updates plan

How to use RESUMIND to assign tasks?

All you have to do is literally entering the plan with separate missions (in form of words/ voice recordings/ images) into the app. Then the app will take care of other things. The Resumind App will automatically send that content to everyone in your team, you are also noticed if anyone has seen the notification or not. In this way, you can also frequently inspire your team members with positive working affirmations as well as professional knowledge and tips throughout the app.

App reprogram subconscious mind

Do not hesitate to try out the RESUMIND app recommend it to your team members because it is such an easy and helpful tool.

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