Teaching English is one of the most rewarding careers which opens to you not only opportunities but also many challenges. Teaching English to non-English speakers is not an easy job. As an English teacher, you can exercise your language skills and immerse yourself in a new culture, however, you must aware that there are several difficulties that can test your patience and ability to be effective. This article will show you the most common problems faced by teachers and the best solution for you.

How to teach English effectively

Most common difficulties of English teachers

English teachers around the world face many same difficulties. Here are some typical examples:

Cultivate your own knowledge and skills

As the one who has the duty of educating and cultivating the next generations, you should always be updated and willing to receive new knowledge as well as improve your teaching skills. Especially for English teachers, they must learn new words, phrases, and other sides relating to that language all the time, which requires much time and effort. However, it wouldn’t be easy for you to do this due to many reasons like lacking time and other important tasks at work.

Effectiveness at class

Our classes can be large, sometimes with over 100 students! We often have multiple English proficiency levels in the same classroom, which makes planning lessons and meeting all our students’ needs troublesome.

This would lead to the issue of having a large class is ensuring that all students are engaged and participate in the lesson and activities. It is hard to deliver instruction and circulate around the classroom to be sure every student is being attentive and understands the content.

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Help students to memorize

The mission of memorizing and remembering is inevitable in learning a new language. There are myriad things combined in the subjects that require memorization such as vocabulary, grammar, and structures… Even you can find it difficult, it’s much more challenging for the students, especially for lazy ones.

Lack of time

Some of us have limited materials, or have to adapt or create our own. Providing opportunities for students to practice the language can also pose a challenge, especially if we have shy students or big classes. They not only have to deal with excessive paperwork for data collection but also always open up to new knowledge required for schoolwork, which take a lot of time.

Resumind- Tackle problems for English teachers
Resumind- Tackle problems for English teachers

Optimize your teaching effectiveness by using Resumind

You might have heard about several ways to tackle those problems above, so I’m not going to repeat them, indeed, I’ll provide you with the best tool to overcome them and optimize your teaching career easily – Resumind.

Subconscious learning

This is one of the most effective methods of learning for every age. By carefully applying this technique together with other suitable unique utilities, Resumind has been recognized as the ultimate option of learning support.

Convenient than ever

You might have known about subconscious learning but still wonder how to use it the right way, so Resumind is the right choice for you due to these functions:

Large library of knowledge

Subconscious learning is the way of activating your subconscious and implementing the information into your mind during a dreaming state. Thus, you will need to insert an amount of knowledge into the app, and it would be much easier if there are available material there, right?

Resumind provides you a library of myriad knowledge on several subjects organized logically, in which there are a large number of vocabulary you may find useful.

What is more, there are not only new useful vocabulary but also common sentences, conversations covering all fields in up to 8 different languages in the app. That’s how an amazing app gets to global market.

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3 forms of information recognition

You would have to insert a lot of information into the app, Resumind makes it more simple by identifying 3 forms of information: text, voice, and image. Now it’s much time-saving for your work!


One way to increase student participation is to provide them a network or platform to communicate well about the subject, and Resumind is that ideal place.

How to use Resumind?

Using Resumind is really simple which include some steps following:

Step 1: Select the lesson content (in form of words/voice recordings/images) you want to install in your mind.

Step 2: Transfer the content to the app, set a timer to wake up (time to start and end playing content), then just go to sleep.

Step 3: Memorize deeply in your subconscious. When the notification bell begins, the short ringing will bring the brain out of deep sleep and into a dream state. Now you just need to put your hand on the screen and start to wake up. The dream state is the ideal time for deep memorization of information. Right now the new knowledge will be imprinted in your brain and become your knowledge.

Too many benefits that Resumind can bring to teachers. Certainly, with the continuous practice and enthusiasm of the teachers, vocabulary and grammar structures will be easier to absorb and students will also love the subject more.

reprogram subconscious mind app
Reprogram subconscious mind app

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