Giving a speech is hard, but giving a fluent speech with a dignified posture before hundreds of people is even harder hundreds of times. This is the usual challenge that every mayoral candidate has to deal with. To make your speech as convincing as possible, you should master memorize it well first, which is never easy. You might have known about several different memorization techniques out there, but the latest and best tool I’m going to introduce to you today – RESUMIND.

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How important is it to memorize a speech?

Being one of the mayoral candidates, you have to compete with many other talented people, which requires you to try your best to make a good impression, and giving good speeches to people is an important factor to define your position.

You’ll see that good speakers at conferences or seminars are very flexible, especially when there are interruptions based on the audience’s reactions, and that flexibility is what you need to convince people to vote for you. The first step to achieve that skill is to memorize your speech.

memorize speech quickly with RESUMIND

You might say that memorizing the speech may make the delivery sound robotic, however, imagine standing up in front of several people and giving a speech without preparation and memorization, how can you convince others? It’s how you memorize your speech. Don’t make it an unvarying and verbatim learning by heart task.

So how to deliver your ideas, make persuasion, create a good impression and ultimately make you be chosen by people through your speech?

I’m not going to repeat the methods that are plenty on websites, but the secret tool to memorize your speech in a matter of minutes – RESUMIND App.

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How to memorize faster with RESUMIND app

RESUMIND is the latest reprogram subconscious mind app developed by Alan AI Voice Lab for the purpose of helping people to learn and work well, consequently achieve joyful healthy lives.

Memorize in subconscious method

You might or might not have known about this method, but it has been witnessed to be one of the most effective ways of learning that many people are using these days. RESUMIND is the app that applies this technique, specifically it helps reprogram your subconscious mind and fill it with the knowledge you want to study (sometimes it could be positive things which is very helpful for negative thinkers), even when you’re not awake.

What you have to do is just copy your speech or merely insert the image of your speech into the app or record your voice of it, and set the time you want to learn, other stages are all processed by RESUMIND. It will automatically turn your materials into text, then at the time you set, it will read out loud the information for you to hear and learn by heart in your subconscious.

Remember that the unique feature of this method is learning in your subconscious, so you can also set the time in the morning when you haven’t woken up as the early time of the day is the moment that your brain processes the information the best.

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In addition, you are allowed to change the voice setting if you don’t like the default voice equipped in the app. You can probably add your real voice so that it is familiar to you, from that, you can also adjust your voice to be as convincingly as possible for the real speech.


Hope you succeed with your career with RESUMIND!

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