Becoming a Manager is a fantastic way to advance careers which brings back perks, rewards, and high income. However, the cost of those extra awards is considerable, requiring the managers to always perform to the best of their abilities in order to lead the employee to success.  In this article, I’ll share with you 3 top challenges that most managers have to deal with today as well as the tips and best tools to solve the problems.

The path to becoming a professional CEO

Top 3 Common Difficulties that Every Manager has to face today and Tips

1. Wellbeing of Staff

COVID-19 has obviously shown to be a dangerous threat, affecting both individuals and companies. According to researches, 93% of employees have struggled with their well-being in 2021, which means almost everyone facing the problem. Due to the effect of the pandemic, people have to work from home instead, which leads to the big issue of feeling disconnected.

Another source of stress is job instability, with 23% of the workforce concerned about losing their source of income. Many employees have expressed great concern about their health and safety as a result of a possible return to work.

Tip for Manager:

The best approach to deal with uncertainty is to accept that it will be with us eternally. As a responsible Manager, you should take care of your employee’s well-being by frequently motivating them.

RESUMIND is the perfect tool to help you with inspiring tasks as it is designed to reprogram people’s subconscious minds and nurture them with positive thoughts. Equipped with billions of best affirmations on several topics, the app will ensure that all your staff is filled with positive thinkings to have better perspectives about their work as well as their current lives, as a result, increase their working efficiency.

Manager should listen to employees’ opinions

2. Tracking and Increasing Team Productivity

Employee productivity is something that all successful organizations have in common. That’s why measuring and boosting team productivity is still one of the most difficult tasks that managers face today. It’s even more difficult today due to the continuously evolving workplace driven by technology, globalization, and the pandemic.

Coming with this is the problem of creating innovative teams. You must notice that employees will possibly take their brainwaves and incredible ideas to a more innovative employer! So, however busy you are, or profit-focused your KPIs happen to be, it’s always worth prioritizing your team’s creativity.

The remaining question is: How do you fix all these issues?

Solution for Managers Professionally::

Many global organizations have increased their usage of productivity tools this year. You should seek to find tools that match your company values and your business goals, as well as suitable for your company’s culture. I highly suggest the RESUMIND App for its new techniques with unique and useful features such as voice and image identification, voice reminder, effective note-taking, large information library, etc.

Additionally, many people want to collaborate at work and RESUMIND app is absolutely an appropriate place for them to share their ideas and connect with other co-workers!

Follow the team’s activities regularly

3. Knowledge Loss & Brain Drain

Managers all across the world are dealing with an ever-increasing problem: people leaving. Worse, they take their expertise with them when they go.

Combine all of your employees’ expertise into one massive knowledge bundle, then you have your organization’s intellectual capital. When an employee quits, though, they take some of their expertise with them. This can lead to major issues, especially if vital information is not provided.

Tip for Manager Professionally:

It’s essential for managers to encourage a knowledge-sharing culture. It’s the only real solution to the brain-drain crisis! You should take advantage of the RESUMIND App to build trust and motivate people to share their ideas as much as possible.

RESUMIND effective tool for Manager Professionally


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