The next step in one’s career progress often begins with a management position, which comes with rewards but also brings a fair share of difficulties. A manager of any company, from small to big ones, would have to face numerous challenges in managing their business, including both specialized and external problems. Knowing how to recognize these difficulties and address them helps increase a manager’s confidence and ability to lead a team. So let’s take a look at some of the top challenges and ways to solve them, don’t miss the most valuable part at the end of this article showing you the ultimate tools of top bosses.

6 Main Challenges and Solutions When Working As A Manager

 1.  Confronting performance problems

Any manager would always be concerned about performance issues. As the manager who monitors the teams, you need to get to the bottom of any difficulties as soon as possible. But remember managers must strike a delicate balance between achieving the desired objectives without damaging their relationships with their team members.

Moreover, the problem here is not only for employees but also for yourself, make sure you always perform professionally and appear as a trustful manager in front of your employees. How important it is? Read How to Speak like Manager: Pressure and Tool only Top Bosses Know

How to overcome this:

If employees don’t have clear targets and goals in place, it can be easy to fall short of what is expected.

Clearly communicate targets and outline expected results to each of your team members. This way, if any results are falling short, you’re able to tackle the problem head-on by comparing expectations to actual performance.

2. Managing team conflicts

As managers, we all want our employees to collaborate, work as a team, and play nice in the sandbox. When one employee comes to you with complaints about another employee, it puts the manager in an awkward position of having to arbitrate the dispute.

It is important to distinguish between task or personal conflict when alerted to a situation among team members. Task conflict is healthy and leads to the consideration and development of alternative ideas. Personal conflict, however, is toxic to teams and must be dealt with immediately. 

How to overcome this:

When a conflict between team members arises, it’s important that you fully understand the issue before you take any action.

One way to navigate conflict is to remind your team of your company’s culture and values. When your company values are built around trust, respect, and positivity, and you hire for these values, personal conflicts based on personality should be minimized.

3. Fighting against burnout

One of the hot topics in the business world over the past year has been burnout. A primary cause of burnout is job satisfaction, not hard work. Take care of your health and always keep a perspective on the things in life that matter most. Managers that don’t take vacations are never recharging their batteries. They also set terrible examples for their employees, which ultimately damage the productivity and morale of the firm.

How to overcome this:

People are at their most productive when they’re refreshed, happy and healthy. And, no surprise, this doesn’t come from working overly long hours or taking on extreme workloads.

Set an example by taking regular breaks and using your annual leave to recharge your batteries. When you do this, you let your employees know that you want them to do the same.

4. Being a constant source of motivation

As much as you might want them to be, not every task that you need your employees to complete is going to be an exciting one.

This is where one of a manager’s main challenges comes to light – you have to work to motivate your employees in all situations.

How to overcome this:

Get your teams excited about the future and what it will take to get there. By constantly communicating your business’s plans and goals, your employees will see that you’re excited about the company’s future – filtering the positivity onto them.

5. Having to learn new knowledge and skills

Getting to a new position also means you have to deal with more diversity of jobs that you are not familiar with. In order not to be overwhelmed by such a huge load of new tasks, you have to get used to learning new relating knowledge and skills by yourself. Besides, a manager always has to emerge into a dynamic environment where there are plenty of specialized assignments at different levels, which requires you to be up to date at all times. It may be challenging to feel motivated enough to leave our comfort zone and get on with the studying path, however, “learning agility” is not something anyone is born with, but it can be developed over time.

How to overcome this:

Put a growth plan in place when you start a new job or do anything new to ensure your success. You may generally learn from two or three subject-matter experts, as well as books, courses, and internet resources.

Nowadays, thanks to social networking, you may quickly discover someone eager to assist you by sharing their skills in any subject you need to master. One of the applications that we are excited to introduce to you is RESUMIND – the very first tool applying the subconscious method to mind training and self-helping in the world.

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6. Having good financing skill

One of the most difficult aspects of running a business is funding it. A large amount of cash is required to run a successful firm, particularly at the start-up phase. Sole owners and partners, two sorts of enterprises, must fund their operations with their own money. Corporations must rely on shareholder interest and investment. A significant quantity of cash is also required to develop a firm, such as spending funds for advertising or new items. Business owners and managers will need to build credit with a bank in order to obtain loans when they are needed.

How to overcome this:

Good news to you is that the problem is quickly fixed by owning an app called 6JMM (6 Jars Money Management). 6JMM is another easy and friendly app developed by team Alan with mission of assisting people with financing issue. It is an automatic money management app that identifies and analyses users’ money amount in a matter of seconds with only one spell.

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6 Jars Money Management App
6 Jars Money Management App

How to use the apps?

When approaching the app, it will show you the instruction to use, which is so simple that almost everyone at every age can understand. The system has been set in order, your job is just downloading and enjoying it.

As for RESUMIND, the app will instruct you to insert the information in logical order easily. It’s even easier for you thanks to the 3 different ways of detecting details in the app.  

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It not only features the handful of the best utilities that every budgeting app has, it also comes with several outstanding features that others don’t have. Specifically, its friendly design, Automatic Text Convert, Smart Categorise, Smart Report and Smart Search.

You won’t want to miss these apps! Just give them a try and trust the process!

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