In reality, the way you save and spend is more important than the amount you can earn, that’s why many can also get to financial stability despite low income. Accumulation has a great impact, now even your income is $2000 a month, you can still pay for housing, food, and other payables without running out of money. This is a zero-sum game and the trick is the 6 Jars Method and the 6 Jars App.

Why Would You Want a Budget?

A budget is a plan for every dollar you will spend each day or month, which helps you keep your money flow on track and make sure you spend enough and have enough to save. It will represent your path to financial freedom and a life with less stress. Without a budget, you might run out of money before your next paycheck. Specifically, a budget reveals:

  • How much money you make
  • How you spend your money
  • How much you will save

For example, your budget might show that you spend $100 on food every month. You might decide you can spend $50 on food. You can use the rest of the money to pay bills or to save for something else.

3 Simple Steps to Build your Budget

Step 1: How to determine and enter your income

The first step to create a budget is to figure out how much money you make each month. This is the amount you can spend each month, therefore utilize your net income rather than your gross income.

To specify, your gross income is what you earn before any deductions are made from your paycheck. Net income is what you take home after taxes and any payroll deductions for items like your retirement or health insurance plan.

The 6 Jars Money Management App (6JMM) will help you with this!

For example, if you have extra money from a second job or other supplemental income, just enter it in the 6JMM App and it will calculate and organize and do other things for you. You can also use this section to add a second income if you’d like to create a joint budget.

Step 2: How to determine and enter monthly expenses and savings

The rest of the budget maker is dedicated to capturing your monthly expenses. In this step, you should apply the 6 Jars Method smartly!

This is a famous money management concept developed by T Harv Eker, which is relatively simple and accessible for everyone at every age.

Basically, you just have to split all of your earnings into 6 separate jars, each of which will have a distinct function and serve a different purpose in your way to financial independence.

  1. Necessity Account (NEC – 55%)
  2. Financial Freedom Account (FFA – 10%)
  3. Long-term Saving Account (LTS – 10%)
  4. Education Account (EDU – 10%)
  5. Play Account (PLY – 10%)
  6. Give Account (GIV – 5%)
User interface of 6 jars app
User interface of 6 jars app

It would be really convenient if there is an application that recapitulates all of these 6 jars to help you deal with your financial stress effectively. That’s why we created the 6JMM App, specially for you!

Now, move to the next step!

Step 3: How to Build Good Money Habits and Incorporate your Budget into your Daily life

If you’ve thought through your costs, your daily life should fit inside your budget fairly well. Keep an eye on your budget and track your expenditures each day and month to identify where you are frequently going over or under budget.

Remember to apply the 6 Jars Method well and keep that habit. If you frequently go over or under your budgeted amount, just modify your budget accordingly.

Finally, if you want to keep closer tabs on your spending and make it easier to track, consider using the 6JMM App to help you stay on top of your budget.

Easy-to-use mobile: the 6 jars app
Easy-to-use mobile app

6 Jars App: Greatest Budgeting Assistant Ever

The 6JMM is an automatic money management app that identifies and analyses users’ money amount in a matter of seconds with only one spell.

In that spell, you just have to say what you type. The app is even more wonderful as it can adjust to several languages. You’ll see the easiest language pronunciation app with the best flat design.

How to use the app?

When approaching the app, it will show you the instruction to use, which is so simple that almost everyone at every age can understand. The system has been set in order, your job is just downloading and enjoying it. You will be guided to type the number of your income monthly then the app will calculate and split that amount into the right jars with the right percentage. The app will also require you to write down your daily expense which doesn’t take you up to 1 minute but is extremely beneficial in reminding you to save money.

the 6 jars app
Find spending records on 6 jars app based on keywords

It not only features the handful of the best utilities that every budgeting app has, but it also comes with several outstanding features that others don’t have. Specifically, its friendly design, Automatic Text Convert, Smart Categorise, Smart Report, and Smart Search, and especially the 6 Jars Excel.

You won’t want to miss this app! Just give it a try and trust the process!

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