Hello everybody! Perhaps during the period of study, everyone has had a headache with learning English, right? Although you determined, tried many ways, and changed from teacher to teacher but still did not improve your English proficiency. Therefore, you need a new learning method to help you learn English vocabulary better. How to learn English vocabulary by topic with APP RESUMIND will help you change this condition.

How to learn English vocabulary well

Determine the starting point.

Whatever you do, you must have a starting point and a destination. Learning English is no exception. Let’s define clearly your starting point and destination. Please create yourself a straight path so that you can go on. Besides, let’s find a direct route to your destination without having to go around.

Identify the topic to learn.

Identify the purpose is to set a destination. Determine the topic to learn is defining the way for you to go straight to your destination. You need to know each topic you need to study so that you determine the vocabulary within the topic. Then, let link them together to create a sentence to learn.

You learn English well as you do in the maze, which has many paths. You only need to define the right path to your destination and have confidence and motivation to go. Of course, for me, learning English is easier done in the maze because I just need to know the topic that I want to learn. As for me, I will not play the maze because I know very few paths.

Learn English vocabulary by topic with APP RESUMIND

RESUMIND is a new recently launched application. I was introduced to try it out by a senior. After using a while, I was extremely surprised by the results it brought.

APP RESUMIND combines alarm, recording, notes, Ebook with text to speech technology (converting from text to human voice). You just need to identify the topic to learn. Then, you let save it in your application as text, sound, or pictures. Next, add the appropriate study time. This application- RESUMIND as an assistant will help you study English well.

Like me, when I first started learning basic English, I want to learn early in the morning and topics about family. I open the app, add words as text, and time in the previous night. After that, I go to bed. In the morning, RESUMIND wakes me up. After turning off the alarm, I immediately heard the text saved in the previous night as a standard tone. Only one morning, I listen and remember a topic. I feel very happy about that.

As you know, RESUMIND helps you learn at any time. You just need to use headphones and reread words for correct phonetics and intonation while daydreaming and busy.

Both studying English and relaxing:

You can use some English songs with slow melodies to relax. The lyrics of these songs should be clear and easy to hear. You can also listen and sing along to the lyrics. Sometimes, you do not fully understand them, but they are good to combine learning and entertainment.

Learn English by reflex:

If you want to learn topic vocabulary simpler with APP RESUMIND, you can also use questions. Let save the questions to RESUMIND, then listen, and answer yourself. If you create a habit of reflexes for your brain, you will never forget these words.

The story about myself.

I study by myself at home and learn English to serve communication. My starting point was quite late when I finished my high school graduation exam. During the learning process, my consciousness of studying is still quite weak. There are times when I want to quit because I can’t focus on learning. Besides, I do not have many conditions to talk and listen to foreigners.

A close friend introduces to me APP RESUMIND. While using this app, I feel very surprised. It is like a native friend to help me study. At first, listening to English vocabulary is very difficult. I must listen again and again many times. However, after a short while, English pronunciation and listening have also become more standard. My vocabulary also increases much more.

You can also find out more about RESUMIND to learn how to relieve stress and fatigue.

How to install APP RESUMIND

According to my research, APP RESUMIND recently launched a version on CH Play. You can go up there to search for APP RESUMIND and download it to use.

Or you download it here: APP RESUMIND.

If you have any questions, please send them to the following Gmail address:


The above is my sharing about how to learn English vocabulary by topic with APP RESUMIND. Hopefully, it will help you learn English better. English is extremely essential for you at work and in life. Please use my way to learn English vocabulary and give me your opinion. Thank you so much!

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