Where to start learning English? For any language you want to learn, the first thing you need to do is to master your tone and intonation. Today, I would like to introduce to you how to learn English like native speakers, which helps you learn from basic to proficient.

The basics of learning English

Learning English is like a child learning to speak. You need to hear and capture everything the other person has to say. After that, you will follow and lead to come to master it.

Let’s relax and then learn to listen a lot. Please think that learning a native’s intonation is extremely easy. You just need to practice listening and listening every day to be able to learn.

Please believe in yourself more. You will know how great your ability is.

1. How to learn English: Choose standard material

The learning materials are immeasurable, which creates much knowledge that makes it difficult to choose from. Please find out carefully before choosing to use a study material.

It is necessary that you should carefully consult the opinions of former users, support policies, and the suitability of the material for you. Let’s consult some users so that you know that the document is good or not. Besides, you also should find out the accompanying support policies explain all documentation inquiries. However, it’s your own level that determines whether the material is right for you.

2. How to learn English: Confident and hard.

Learning anything requires confidence and hard. Learning a foreign language begins with something you don’t fully understand. You need to take a long time to master it. The whole process will be almost boring because you do not understand anything. However, when you become too proficient use, it’s extremely simple.

You just need to be confident and hard-working on a steady schedule while studying. After that, learning English follows the route you have drawn. From that, you will find a sense of success in your studies.

You can consult the following learning steps:

  • Step 1: Listen and catch standard sounds. You should try to read it similar to origin words. You need to know that you pronounce how different from the standard sounds so that you learn.
  • Step 2: Find out how to pronounce standard sounds. After that, you let prepare a mirror for the correct verbal and tongue adjustments.
  • Step 3: Record and compare your phonetics really well.
  • Step 4: Repeat the above 3 steps many times. Learning standard phonetics requires learning over and over again. Besides, in learning English, if you need to turn it into reflex, you will not worry about being wrong or confused.

You need to listen to a whole conversation. Hear everything although you don’t understand and then read follow. Let’s turn English into your own reflexive language.

3. How to learn English like native speakers with APP RESUMIND


RESUMIND is the first application that can install and change the human subconscious thank to studies of habits and behaviors and how the subconscious works.

Use RESUMIND to help you subconsciously learn English, which brings foreign language into natural reflexes faster than ever.

Why can RESUMIND help you learn pronunciation like a native speaker?

Nowadays, traffic and transport are extremely convenient. It is not difficult that you are able to communicate with foreigners right where you are living.

For English to go into your subconscious most quickly, you always need to learn a foreign language at a time when you are still dreaming. This is the ideological struggle time between waking up and going to sleep again. Besides, it is also the time when the subconscious is opened. At this point, your study by the subconscious will be 200% more effective.

RESUMIND is an app that combines alarm, recording, notes, Ebook, along with Google TTS. Text to speech technology converts from text to human speech according to standard sounds, which helps you listen to the conversation according to the standard pronunciation of native speakers while dreaming. You just need to listen and read it so that it looks like it.

You just need to copy a paragraph or a conversation that you need to learn. Then, you let set your daily alarm time to the app. At the time you turn off the alarm on the app, the messages that you installed will automatically emit the voice as the voice of native speakers. You will listen and read again with your subconscious mind.

You learn English by the subconscious follow the standard sound of native speakers is a method of learning foreign languages by reflex. Besides, with APP RESUMIND, you can memorize quickly and remember for a long time. If you combine learning with practice, you will not be able to forget what has been printed into your subconscious and reflexes.

I have introduced to you how to learn English like native speakers. I believe that if you learn hard and persevere, you will master every language you want to pursue. Good luck and see you again!

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