Many people believe that History is a very difficult subject to study. Do you find it not easy to become a good history teacher? In today’s article, ALAN will go with you to answer the questions: Is it difficult to teach history well? How can teachers engage with their job for a long time and help students remember knowledge quickly with ease?

increase interest in learning for students
need to increase interest in learning for students

Difficulties of History teachers

As a history teacher, you may meet some challenges like below:

  • Huge amount of knowledge: domestic history, world history, past, modern, modern history…
  • The historical timelines are like a “galaxy” of information that is extremely difficult to remember and easy to misremember
  • Difficulty in planning lessons when it is too long and takes a lot of time, but in reality, students don’t remember many parts
  • Most students are afraid of History. They often have the feelings of disgust and “learn to pass” mentality.

There are countless difficulties that cause headaches for the teachers when thinking about, many ones are not even beloved because they are often irritable and angry with students.

Besides, there are many people who think that good History teachers must be elderly who have much experience and knowledge. Some people even think that being a history teacher is the hardest because it takes too much time to memorize.

Currently, teachers are living in the digital age and there are many applications and smart media that support their teaching.

Tip increase interest in learning history: Take advantage of Resumind

RESUMIND – Subconscious reprogramming mobile app. One of the leading applications developed to support people to improve their thinking, change their life attitude and especially change the way knowledge is tolerated.

  • The historical knowledge will be installed on the mobile phone app and will be reminded at the desired time by the teachers/students. It will help you to remember the information subconsciously. Hard-to-remember timelines are now easier when knowledge acquisition is completely passive. Instead, with Resumind your brain will automatically remembers and you don’t need to spend so much time learning by heart any information. At the same time, teachers can pre-transmit lesson content to all members in classes through the app thanks to a VIP account.
  • The work of drafting lesson plans will also become easier when you are reminded of the main content. Teachers can also scientificize their lecture knowledge by preparing a layout and then detailing after that. In this job, Resumind will support you very effectively.
  • Not only teachers but also students themselves can easily use the RESUMIND application to learn better, remembering longer. Teachers and students can also increase their motivation and passion for History and life with meaningful and postive messages or affirmations available in the app. Simply select the content, the rest Resumind will do for you.

How to use Resumind?

Using RESUMIND is really simple which include some steps following:

Step 1: Select the lesson content (in words/voice recordings/images) you want to install in your mind.

Step 2: Transfer the content to the app, set a timer to wake up (time to start and end playing content) and go to sleep.

Step 3: Memorize deeply in your subconscious. When the notification bell begins, the short ringing will bring the brain out of deep sleep and into a dream state. Now you just need to put your hand on the screen and start to wake up. The dream state is the ideal time for deep memorization of information. Right now the History lessons will be imprinted in your brain and become your knowledge.

Too many benefits that RESUMIND can bring to teachers. Certainly, with the continuous practice and enthusiasm of the teachers, historical knowledge will be easier to absorb and students will also love history more.

APP: reprogram subconscious mind

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