Do 9th graders feel difficult to learn Chemistry when this is a subject you forgot when you were in 8th grade? Are you looking for how to be good at Chemistry 9? Here is the answer that APP RESUMIND will give you.

1. Chemistry in the present time

Chemistry is one of the Natural Sciences subjects with a large amount of theory and exercise. In fact, Chemistry does not have as many exercises as Maths and Physics. If you want to do those exercises, you need to learn the theory surely. However, it is not easy for some students.

You must not only know but understand the definition, the sequence of reactions, and distinguish many substances. Is it difficult for you to remember all? Therefore, please improve your score with the application- APP RESUMIND. This self-development app on the phone will do that for you.

2. How to good at Chemistry 9- improve with APP RESUMIND

APP RESUMIND is a self-development application on a mobile phone. The operating principle of the app is based on subconscious memory. This application will automatically replay the knowledge that you have learned when you preset for it. The dry theories, hard-to-remember equations will get “loaded” into your head easily.

You can record lessons with your voice, or enter text to hear the lovely Google sister voice. Listening, again and again, will help you remember for a long time. This application has the ability to set a time. When up to a time that you enter on the phone, RESUMIND will automatically emit the lesson. Is the simple way you want to be good at Chemistry 9?

For the 9th grade students, let’s improve your Chemistry with APP RESUMIND. The application will help you study Chemistry well after using a while.

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