The power of the subconscious is limitless. You will often be unable to explain the body’s response to the events and phenomena around you. Those natural reflexes are formed from your subconscious habits and memories. If you are doing suitable subconscious mind training exercises every day, changing habits and reflexes as you want is not impossible.

Why should you train your subconscious mind?

Have you ever felt that someone is quite scary, even though that person is always friendly and smiling? Have you ever felt fear when it got dark, even though you are sure you are in a safe place? Even someone who makes you particularly feel his trustworthiness, even without too many contacts, and has no reason to assure this yet?

Why should you train your subconscious mind?
Habits that train your subconscious mind to help you make an informed decision

Those reactions are based on messages coming from your subconscious mind. It gives you internal reminders of who you should be careful, who you should trust, or when you should be cautious. You communicate with your subconscious mind through ideas, emotions, and thoughts that are often out of your control. However, you can drive the desired results by subconsciously sending the right messages.

With the right subconscious mind training habits in place, you can make an informed decision without too much consideration. The subconscious can only receive incoming messages in the form of images, feelings, and emotions. That is why many athletes take some time before the competition to imagine their dreams come true. Not only does this make them more confident, but this visualization helps their subconscious to change their reflexes and make unexpectedly outstanding performances.

An exercise for subconscious mind

Here is a simple exercise for the subconscious mind through mind relaxation that you should try.

subconscious mind training
Build subconscious habits from small things

Choose a quiet place to practice.

Lie down in a completely comfortable position, legs straightened and arms along the length of your body. Make sure you are not interrupted by disturbing sounds, mobile phones, or any noise.

Next, concentrate on a spot on the ceiling and take three deep breaths. This process helps you reach a state of complete relaxation, letting go of all your worries in your heart. Close your eyes then.

Continue to take 7 more deep breaths, along with imagining your body sinking into that state of suspension. If 7 reps are not enough, continue to breathe deeply and slowly until all the muscles in your body are completely relaxed.

Then imagine that you are having a perfect day. You wake up in a state of elation. All work is conducted smoothly. You become the best in your field. You make wise and perfect decisions. Depending on what your goals are, imagine you are reaching them and spending a great day.

Effects of the exercise

This exercise will convince your subconscious that you can become the best version of yourself, and achieve the success you want. By letting the subconscious get used to this, when you face important decisions at work, your subconscious will act as if it were your best self.

This result will not come quickly but can be achieved based on daily practice and habit formation. After that, the decisions will be made automatically. You should practice this exercise for 20 minutes a day, and preferably at one of the following times:

When you wake up: You still get used to the haze and relaxation of sleep, the time it takes to get full relaxation won’t be so long. However, the downside is that you can fall asleep again during practice.

After work: Doing this exercise relaxes your mind. You can let go of stress and feel comfortable at the end of your workday. However, it can be more difficult to get to a relaxed state, when your mind is fully awake.

Before going to bed: Reaching maximum relaxation improves the quality of your sleep. At the same time, the impact on your subconscious also helps you to have beautiful dreams. The difficulty is getting your mind to focus, as there are so many events happening in the day that affect your imagination. It will be difficult to control your wandering thoughts.

To better control your subconscious and harness your hidden strength, start with daily subconscious mind training practice. If you need a useful app to help you do just that, try our Reprogram Subconscious Mind app!

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