Are you having problems like difficulty sleeping or insomnia? Below I would like to introduce to you ways to get good sleep. If you want to sleep well, you should do the following ways:

Insomnia in adults

According to ASA (American Sleep Association), typically about 30% of adults have symptoms similar to insomnia in the short term. Also, about 10% of adults often have insomnia for a long time.

In the study of more than 440,000 people, up to 35 percent of them slept less than 7 hours each night. Therefore, many adults are dealing with sleep disturbances.

Effects of sleep

Insomnia for a long time causes enormous effects on human health. It causes chronic illnesses such as nervous breakdown, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

Besides, insomnia also affects the daily life living of each person. After each night of little sleep are fatigue, drowsiness, irrationality without reason. Then you can not concentrate on your job, which reduces your productivity and quality of life.

Along with that are diseases such as nervous tension, stress, and inhibition that make you feel pressured and irritable.

You want to get good sleep need to find the point of sleep:

For many people, sleep time is not the point but the fact that they cannot fall asleep as soon as they put their back on the bed. So much time is wasted by the times of restlessness, constantly changing positions before falling asleep.

  • You have insomnia because of work thoughts(expense accounts or reports).
  • With students, they have insomnia due to pressure in studying(before exams).
  • Worry about family: relationships between parents, spouses, or with children.
  • Because you form a late sleep habit
  • Nerve suppression due to a certain cause (With husband and wife, children, work, the loss of relatives, friends, etc.)
  • The cause of your age or the health problem

If you encounter such a situation, you let do the following way to get a good night’s sleep: How to sleep fast like American soldiers. Although the battlefield is a place that is not easy to sleep in, this is how the American soldier can sleep for 2 minutes on the battlefield.

How to sleep fast like American soldiers:

  • You go back to where you used to sleep. Take a deep breath, then lie down and begin to relax all over.
  • First, you should relax all the muscles on your face. Let’s start with the forehead muscles, then the cheeks, then the temporal muscles, and finally the tongue muscles.
  • Next, relax your shoulder and hip muscles.
  • Finally, relax your limbs.
  • You should breathe slowly so that your breath is natural and gentle.
  • It’s time to relax your mind and forget about the things that put you under stress.
  • Imagine you are in a lush green forest with the cool breeze blowing through. There is a small stream beside it with the sound of water gurgling.
  • Alternatively, you can also imagine yourself in a boat in the middle of a lotus lake. There is a cool scent of flowers in full bloom here. The mischievous winds pass by making the smell even more absorbed in people’s hearts.
  • If you don’t want to imagine, there is a very simple mantra for you: Do not think! Do not think! Let’s sleep! You just need to think about this mantra for 2 minutes instead of thinking about anything else.

Advice for you:

  • You need to take 6 weeks to get used to these methods. During the first weeks, It is obvious things that these methods can not be effective incontinently. However, I bet that if you take it seriously, everything will change in week 6.
  • Do not use electronic devices such as TV, the computer, or the phone more than 1 hour before going to bed.
  • Let’s drink a cup of hot milk about 30 minutes before bed to replenish.
  • Use materials, clothing styles, blankets, and pillows that suit to sleep.
  • You should change to the space to sleep as comfortably and as quietly as possible. Besides, you also can limit light and sound that causes sensory stimulation.
  • Actually, I also used to have insomnia. However, I know about these ways very early. I have applied them successfully. They helped me sleep more quickly and deeply. If you want to have a good night’s sleep, you should learn these ways. The things I share above are after I stopped insomnia.

Whether you want to apply it or not is up to you. However, in my opinion, you are no reason not to try these ways because they help you get a good night’s sleep each night. It is important that these ways do not affect your money and they also do not cause health effects as sleeping pills. If you want to get good sleep, please follow these ways. Thank everyone for listening to my sharing!


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