Many people wake up every day in a state of discomfort, fatigue and sleepiness. This can have a negative impact on our performance, mood and productivity during the day. So what makes you cranky when you wake up and how do you stop it? Seriously, it is important to change your subconscious mind with good habits.

You tend to be angry and frowning in the morning when you have a poor night’s sleep. Sleeping too little or being disturbed while sleeping is the cause of that. Another factor is that your dreams affect your waking mood. This is difficult to control, but not impossible. Here are effective ways to help you feel better every day when getting up in the morning.

How to change subconscious mind to have a clear mind every day
How to change subconscious mind to have a clear mind every day

Write diary

One way to quell your anger is to deal with the cause of the frustration. Writing down what you think as a series of emotional journals is not a bad idea. Even this action also brings great results that you may not even have imagined.

Journal any time you need to release your emotions, whether it’s before bed or after your sleep. This will help you to better understand yourself, and at the same time, show how to deal with your inner frustrations. It is important that you write down your thoughts and feelings about a problem so you can find a good solution for it later.

Live healthy life

Poor health is a common cause of stress and anxiety. Many health problems make you tired, uncomfortable and depressed. Even more serious problems cause you to endure pain that persists throughout the day.

If you are in this situation, follow your doctor’s advice and follow the right therapeutic schedule to improve your health. At the same time, you also need to have a healthy diet and constantly do exercises. Those practices can change your subconscious mind and make your health better.

Get enough sleep

As mentioned above, a common cause of discomfort when you wake up is the quality of your sleep. Therefore, your priority is to go to bed early and get enough sleep. If necessary, consider setting a good bedtime habits to help you sleep better.

Exercise physical training to change subconscious mind
Exercise physical training to change subconscious mind

You can practice the exercises that help your mind relax. Meditation is a good choice. Also , try to reduce the amount of time you spend on using phones before bed. Besides, your bedroom also needs to be neat, clean and comfortable for your sleep.

If you want an immediate effect, you might consider using a sleeping pill. Using an adequate amounts of sleeping pills are safe for your health and it makes you sleep more deeply. However, do not use sleeping pills if you don’t really need it. It only has a temporary effect, and regular use will impair your health.

Have a good breakfast

Waking up with a too low blood sugar will make you frustrated as well. It is a condition commonly seen after a long sleep. At times like that, you need to recharge with a tasty and healthy breakfast. The effect will come immediately.

However, you should also not eat too much sugar at breakfast. The ideal menu is those that are high in protein, nutrients and fiber. If possible, consult a nutritionist to get a suitable diet and change your subconscious mind about eating habits. If not, looking for suggestions online will also help you build a good menu.

should eat a full breakfast

In addition to the above solutions, pay attention to your mental health to promptly find solutions. Don’t underestimate unreasonable frustrations which come every morning. If your mental health problems are complicated, you will need to meet a psychiatrist.

Besides, you can also make your mind calm and have a better state of mentality when waking up by using app Reprogram Subconscious Mind. This is an application which helps you unleash the power of the subconscious and stay more healthy mentally!

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