At school, all subjects have different difficulties and challenges that make teachers strive hard to find out the best solutions. Chemistry is one of the subjects that many teachers are lack confidence in when teaching. Today, we will give you a handful of methods to become a representative Chemistry teacher.

How to become an excellent Chemistry teacher
How to become an excellent Chemistry teacher?

Difficulties that Chemistry teachers often face

Chemistry appears to be a new and strange subject to students, especially for the ones getting into secondary school as that minimum level having the subject in the standard curriculum. Thus, it might be really time-consuming for the children to get used to Chemistry. With a completely new form of knowledge that students have never got access to in the lower grades, it is really difficult for them to figure it out.

The amount of information on the subject is not too large but difficult. Indeed, Chemistry is always considered one of the hardest subjects. Knowledge of Chemistry is extremely diverse covering chemical properties, chemical elements, valency with substance symbols, and a lot of complex chemical formulas. This not only makes it challenging for students but also the teachers themselves. When teachers prepare lessons and teach, it also takes a lot of time to memorize them.

Methods to memorize chemical formulas
Methods to memorize chemical formulas

How to overcome those difficulties and become an excellent Chemistry teacher with RESUMIND

To solve these problems, teachers themselves must have applied many methods such as: Participate in training sessions, improve teaching skills, improve qualifications and knowledge. Some teachers, in order to increase students’ interest as well as their own passion for Chemistry, also organize many practical activities with them.

However, it doesn’t seem to be enough. In this article, we will introduce to you and other chemistry teachers an extremely useful method: Using smart applications to support both teachers and students. That’s the app Resumind – The subconscious activation app that HELPS MEMORIZE EFFECTIVELY.

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Note the content of the lecture on the app

How effective is Resumind?

The RESUMIND app assists people in installing what they need to learn deep in their mind, or more exactly subconscious mind. This application can be used in many fields, not only in the education industry, specifically, they bring much higher work efficiency.

Teachers can use RESUMIND to set up reminders about their work and duties like: Preparing lesson plans, preparing materials for the next day’s lecture, grading exams…

RESUMIND can help teachers easily check and review the necessary knowledge. Memorize difficult chemical formulas as well as rare types of exercises. You only need to select the content (in words or voice or image) you want to install in your mind, then copy it into the app, set a timer to wake up, and go to sleep.

One work can be installed once for the whole week and for the whole class. Besides directly promoting their own work, the application is also a tool for teachers to motivate students to memorize lessons. Teachers can set up chemistry information and settings for the whole group system. At this time, the teacher’s VIP account AS ADMIN GROUP WILL SEND CONTENTS TO THE STUDENT’S NORMAL ACCOUNT.

Every morning when it’s time to wake up, OR BEFORE TIME FOR BED, the application will broadcast messages or lessons or recipes for students to memorize. In this way, teachers’ workload would reduce much, as well, it helps reduce anxiety and students can actively grasp knowledge without reminding.

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In addition, Resumind can also help boost teachers’ spirits by providing meaningful messages every morning. It might also make you feel more interested in your job.

If teachers are still wondering how to teach Chemistry better, apply those useful techniques above. Hopefully, the article can help you become an excellent Chemistry teacher and succeed in your career.


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