Teaching is by and large a tough career that requires a high profession and has impactful effects on the development of the next generations. Thus, the educational background of a teacher is very important in such aspects. However, there are numerous people who aspire to be a teacher but start out in completely different fields, then “How to become a teacher later on in life without a teaching degree?”. If this question sounds familiar to you, you are fortunate enough to find out this article. Let’s dive in to find out if this is possible and what difficulties you might face as well as how to overcome them all.

Is it possible to become a teacher with no teaching degree?

The answer is: Totally possible!

First, though almost every school requires a teaching degree, there are still some which may allow you to become a teacher without one, especially in private schools.

Another good news for people who earned bachelor’s degrees in a different field is that your degree to apply for this career doesn’t always need to be a teaching degree. Some colleges and universities offer concentrations related to specific subjects and programs such as science and physics, gearing toward experience more than teaching credentials. On the other hand, there are alternative paths for individuals to get a job in a school system, for example enrolling in a master’s in education programs for non-teachers with a licensure track.


In addition, there are also opportunities for both graduates and non-graduates to work in education in a non-teaching role in settings like nurseries, after-school, and clubs. From that, you may earn experience and get familiar with the educational environment.

“To be a good teacher, you need to be dedicated, up for a challenge, and ready to face a steep learning curve in the first few years in your new profession.“

Moreover, it is not just about the need for acquiring a degree in education. In fact, there are three things that play a much less vital role when coming to teaching and learning: experience, knowledge, and skills. Remember, it is rather the need to acquire the best teaching skills and strategies that can best yield the maximum learning outcomes in students. Once you have acquired the above-mentioned phenomenon, the chances of becoming a better teacher are there.

Challenges you might have to face

Teaching is not an easy way to wind down your career. To be a good teacher, you need to be dedicated, up for a challenge, and ready to face a steep learning curve in the first few years in your new profession.

Besides education, teachers need many hard and soft skills to become successful educators, for example, enthusiasm, patience, organization, and empathy. You need to earn those skills before officially entering the school curriculum in order to do your job the most effective.

In fact, these are all included in the learning program when you study for teaching bachelor. This helps you much to understand the complexity of the task of teaching and being able to respond to them with foundation. In other words, acquiring a degree in education will not mean that you will automatically become a better teacher, but the degree is rather a better qualification when it is required for a job as a teacher.

challenges teachers might face

How to overcome the difficulties and become a teacher without a degree in the quickest way

It’s never too late to start doing anything. Even you are late in deciding to follow the teaching path, you can still accelerate your chance to succeed in the career by following these 3 simple tips below:

1. Get a bachelor’s in education or an alternative teaching certification

It is undeniable that most school systems require teachers to have a degree or at least a certification relating to education. Thus, if you had earned a degree in another field, you still have a chance to meet the educational requirements by getting your teaching license.

  • The first option is post-baccalaureate teacher licensure programs
  • The second option is getting your master’s degree in education
  • The third option is getting online alternative teaching certifications

They are all flexible methods of study that fit in with other responsibilities. Even effective for people who already have a job or family commitments.

2. Find alternative ways to teach in schools to gain experience

The easiest and fastest way for you to get your foot in the door is to reach out to the department of education directly. There are plenty of roles at school that you can pursue without a teaching degree, check out these positions: Teaching assistant, Preschool teacher, Special education paraprofessional, Substitute teacher, Private or parochial school teacher.

Even though there are options that require less education or training, it’s in your best interest to pursue a degree or teacher training and licensure. It will improve your competitiveness in the job market, increase your salary expectations and ensure a long-term career in teaching. 

alternative way to become an teacher

3. Teaching Outside of Traditional Schools

Besides attending right into the schools, you also have opportunities to dive into the teaching career in many other educational institutions. These are the options we suggest:

  • Teach English as a second language (TESOL) or as a foreign language (TEFL)
  • Adjunct at a local college if you have an advanced degree or expertise
  • Become a corporate trainer
  • Lead adult education classes

Sounds great, right? But where should you begin?

As you start late, you must make maximum effort to gain priority to be recruited, beginning with studying and memorizing specialized knowledge in order to apply them in the right way. In this case, you would need an assistant to help you with such a large load of work. Fortunately, there is such an amazing tool like that, which is the app RESUMIND.


RESUMIND is the first online app created by Alan Ai Voice Lab team, which supports the core value of reprogramming people’s subconscious minds for positive thinking, self-development, and effective working operation for everyone of every age.

How is it beneficial for teachers?

As a newbie in teaching path who is busy with numerous tasks of studying and working to compete with other potential candidates, RESUMIND can help you to memorize and organize tasks and knowledge smartly.

Thanks to its purpose of generating positive thinking, it is efficient in encouraging you, which is really important during this stage as you may meet much stress from the external environment and competition.

Moreover, it is extremely convenient and easy, especially, it supports every language, which is suitable for people all around the globe, so you don’t have to worry about the language gap while using the app.

You can not only use the app for yourself, but you can also take advantage of its teamwork function to quickly send useful information to your students, and check out the quality of each individual. 

Now available

RESUMIND is now available on App Store, CH Play, and Chrome Extensions in the free trial form, and promises to bring about life satisfaction for over 1 billion people this year. So why don’t you take advantage of such an incredible opportunity?

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