A project manager is the needed position in almost every industry, thus, it requires the person many more than only microscopes for its necessity. It’s hard to find a good project manager, a great one is even harder, but nothing is impossible. In this article, I’ll show you the secret tool that many great project managers own to become successful in their careers.

The path to becoming a project manager

From Programmers to Project Manager

Basically, the career path of a programmer will be as follows:

  • Enter the company and work as a programmer
  • After a period of proving abilities, become Team Leader in charge of a small group
  • Then become a Project Leader that can take on the expertise of part or the whole project

And this is a very important milestone.

From the position of Project Leader, you have 2 options of direction to follow:

  • Experts who focus on improving expertise to become Solutions Architecture
  • Management (become Project Manager, Project Director, Program Director, Manager…)

Become Project Manager easily with RESUMIND

From a programmer with little experience of management, you might feel overwhelmed on your way becoming a great project manager. But it wouldn’t be so challenging if you have RESUMIND App.

Use RESUMIND to master management skill

One of the first answers to the question of how to become a Project Manager is to have good management skills. You need to clearly define the importance and priority of each task to arrange the most appropriate processing time possible.

EFFECTIVE NOTES: Carrying such a large amount of work in one day is never easy, especially for newbies, fortunately, Resumind solves the issue. The app is a great place for you to take effective notes. As it provides a voice text transference function, now you can not only type but also quickly record your voice or people’s voice which will be automatically transferred into text. What a convenient app it is, right?

CONVENIENT SMARTPHONE REMINDER: Resumind can also be used as a reminder which reminds you of your tasks, deadlines, and other knowledge you want to learn. With this, you will be able to shorten your time learning new skills, not forgetting your work, and prioritizing your work more efficiently, which all support you in your path to becoming a project manager.

Utilize your team members with RESUMIND

Effective and agile project managers are frequently held in high regard for their leadership qualities, which is expressed in your way to use human resources. Each team member has different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, as a Project Manager, you need to grasp the strengths of each member to assign appropriate tasks.

-> How to control mind power

You can use RESUMIND App during meetings and times you’re working with your co-workers to take notes of the positive and negative sides of each individual for further projects. As well, RESUMIND will help you to inform people about their own tasks easily. You can also see if they have received your notifications or not so that the overall work will flow fluently without missing deadlines.


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