Are you a software engineer and interested in coding? Do you want to work with stakeholders to get requirements for the app you’re building? Do you like liaising with other departments to deliver products to the end users? Do you have many user-centric design standards to give out? Then you should probably think about becoming a product manager. However, an important position in the company always comes with high requirements of qualities. Here I’ll help you out by introducing you to the most useful tool that many successful product managers are using: The RESUMIND App.

What does a product manager do?

A product manager (PM) is a professional who assists in the management of a product’s research, design, testing, and go-to-market strategy. Product managers will have to collaborate with their company’s engineering, user design, marketing, and sales teams to effectively get a product from development to launch.

Basically, a good product manager will focus his or her efforts on some tasks as following:

  • Understanding and representing user needs.
  • Keeping an eye on the market and conducting competitive analysis
  • Defining the product vision.
  • Aligning stakeholders around the product’s vision.
  • Prioritizing product features and capabilities.
  • Developing a shared brain across larger teams to enable autonomous decision making.

How to be a great product manager

1. Leverage product management tool – RESUMIND App

Technology is extremely helpful and convenient for any product manager, with online management software like RESUMIND App undoubtedly at the top of this list. This reprogramming subconscious mind app can not only be used as the tool for effective learning, remembering but also great equipment for group works, as well as a great storehouse of important information.

RESUMIND acts as a centralized platform not only for the project manager but also for everyone else on the team, which supports several functions from documents to files, giving feedback to file sharing, and smooth collaboration to effective communication.

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2. Motivate and Empower your team to make their own decisions

“Teamwork makes the dream work”. Yet even you are the product manager who is responsible for almost all work and the final results, you can’t make every decision from small to big. You can spend all your time answering to questions relating to your projects but you will find yourself never finish.

What you need is the decisions and helps from your co-workers. One of the keys to great product management is empowering your team to make their own decisions by creating a shared brain, or a way of making decisions and a set of criteria for escalating them. However, they are your staff and they need motivation from their leader to act and come out with the suitable important decisions.

RESUMIND is an effective assistant in doing these tasks. It comes with a large number of affirmations to inspire people of any field of their lives to elevate their mental health and help people work as well as study better. You as the product manager can probably take advantage of this unique utility of the app to motivate your employees for successful projects.

3. Liaising with Engineering, Sales, and Marketing better with RESUMIND

Product managers are in charge of collaborating with engineering, sales, and marketing to ensure that a polished, well-functioning product is delivered to the end-user. This is an extremely important task because they are the ones who build products, they must understand the goals and visions of the products. A good Product Manager always has a good vision for the product and knows in which direction he or she is going to develop the product.

That’s why you should use AlanAIVoicelab team’s RESUMIND. With it, you can communicate better with other departments and keep every work in control more easily with the utilities of working in groups, sending notifications, voice reminding, and other unique functions.


Discover the tool and become a great product manager!

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