There are many cases of property appropriation that the victims do not understand why they fell into that trap. All explain that it’s because of the hypnosis.

1. There are so many cases in which the criminal uses hypnosis to rob the property.

A year ago, a clip about arresting a woman with a warning about hypnosis in Dai Tu, Thai Nguyen made the public extremely confused.

They attached the clip with the messages: “Warning, everyone let’s pay attention. Currently, a group of hypnosis appeared in Ky Phu – Dai Tu – Thai Nguyen. They caught one person and let one person escape. Everyone on the street, be careful not to contact with the strangers ”.

The criminals use the hypnosis to steal the property.
The criminals use the hypnosis to steal the property.

They widely shared the clip in many forums. A lot of people commented. Many people expressed their fear and confusion, especially the people living in Thai Nguyen.

However, through finding out the truth, this is just a phone robbery. At the time of arresting the criminal, many people used their mobile phones to take videos and posted them on Facebook. Then shared it quickly.”

In another case, two “female criminals” specialized in splashing “hypnotic” water on the victim’s face before robbing their property were arrested at Xuan La market (Tay Ho district, Hanoi), which shocked the public.

According to the local people, in the mid-December 2013, two masked women often asked questions about customers who were buying products, and even deceived sellers at the market. After asking a few random questions, the two men splashed the salesman with a strange water and the shopkeeper suddenly gave all of the property to them.

The victims here all felt dizzy, head spinning after being “drug” and did not remember anything until they heard the voice of the person shouting loudly about the robbery. The authorities arrested these two female criminals while they were pretending to sell drugs. Then they admited having used hypnosis to steal other people’s property.

the crimes of hypnosis in Dai Tu, Thai Nguyen.

2. Revealing the “hypnosis” robbery.

Through the above crimes, there is no final conclusion on the possibility that the criminals can use hypnosis to steal property or not. But in reality, there are many crimes that the subject somehow made the victim obey every offer to give money to them.

Nowadays, the criminals often deceive the victims with the following tricks. They often accidentally meet the victim (usually women, the elderly) and pretend to speak out of an illness or a defect on their face. Then they suggest the medicine . Or many subjects even come to the shops and say that they have low-priced goods. Then they go round to use “magic” trick …

Many people follow the subject’s temptation to take off all their belongings. They even go home and open the cupboard to give them money …
Even, many people claim that those criminals used their eyes to stare at them for a long time so that they fell into unconsciousness and give the money to them. Was it because of the hypnosis that they lost their property?
Actually, people need to avoid panic, fearful rumors about “hypnosis” that the criminals spread recently.

3. What to do to avoid being deceived?

Although basically, people can not perform the hypnisi without the approval from victims.

But in that case, people need to avoid eye contact with strangers. They should constantly move so that strangers cannot look long into their eyes for a long time. Or they should actively do other things. They should think about other issues while the strangers are trying to approach them.

Trying to avoid the deceiving.
  • If you feel suspicious or uncomfortable when a stranger talks to you, you should refuse to talk and leave.
  • When you are talking, if your eyelids are heavy, your limbs are difficult to move, you need to cut the conversation with the stranger immediately.
  • Always remember to interrupt what you are talking about. Avert your eyes to the other side, avoiding long-term eye contact.
  • Actively do other things such as checking your watch, adjusting your clothes or making a phone call to someone.

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