The brain works on two levels: the conscious level and the subconscious level. These two levels of the brain make up the way we receive and process information. They all have important functions of their own that cannot be missed either. If the consciousness performs light and simple things, subconsciously performs more complex and difficult steps. We can even have some subconscious training to exploit our potentials better.

Consciousness directs your activities. This part of the brain can only focus on doing one thing at a time. Consciousness makes up only a small part of brain capacity, about 10%, while the subconscious plays a role for the other 90%.

Your consciousness drives willpower, short-term memory, logical thinking, and critical thinking. Meanwhile, the subconscious controls beliefs, emotions, habits, values, self-defense responses, imagination, intuition, long-term memory, and many other factors.

How to apply our subconscious training
How to apply our subconscious training?

The subconscious is not easy to tap into

You can’t arouse your subconscious as easily as you make a phone call or searching on Google. Subconscious ideas or memories only appear in sudden moments. These moments come when you are in a confusing or difficult situation. The idea appears so suddenly that your consciousness cannot even notice it.

Your subconscious is your brain’s memory bank. It handles complex tasks, while consciousness controls simpler thoughts and actions. Unlike consciousness doing only one task at a time, the subconscious controls many actions, thoughts, and stages together. The subconscious can process about 500,000 times more information than the consciousness.

However, it’s not always possible to wake up your subconscious. When you make a conscious decision about using the subconscious power, you’re using only the conscious part of your brain. But, you can smooth the process of subconscious training and direct the brain to function for its own purpose.

How to unlock the subconscious?

You can only unlock your subconscious mind by focusing your consciousness on planning and researching the problem you’re dealing with. Analyze, chart, mark up and record all aspects of your problem. Read more books, research papers, and take notes for your problem. See related lectures and courses. Compare the pros and cons.

Activate all 5 senses to analyze and understand your problem. The more of your senses are used, the more facts you will remember, and the stronger your emotional reflexes will be. Strong reflexes will clearly signal the brain about the meaning of the problem and give it the focus it needs to awaken the subconscious. In short, try to consciously gather as much information as possible. The subconscious takes in that information and forces the brain to realize the weight of the problem, prioritize it and find a solution from the subconscious.

When do subconscious ideas arise?

When you do nothing. Your subconscious training cannot work when your consciousness is too busy with things to deal with. If you don’t have time to rest properly, your brain will not be able to relax, while relaxation is essential to activate your subconscious mind and facilitate ideas to arise. Make time for relaxation. Especially, if your work requires creativity, it is extremely important.

Waiting for the solution. The essential condition is that you also have to forget about other problems and just focus on thinking about the one problem that needs to be solved. Find a quiet place with a pen and some paper to take notes. It should be a place where you can concentrate. Once an idea comes in, write down the solution immediately on the paper and do what the subconscious mind tells you.

Always carry something for notetaking. It can be anything that helps you capture ideas that flash in a trance moment. You can use a recorder, pen, paper, phone, etc. Ideally, they should be small enough to fit in a pocket, car, bag, bedside, or in the bathroom and wherever you can come.

apply our subconscious training in problem-solving by take note
Take notes is a means of training the subconscious mind

Have a shower or bath. Your brain produces the hormone Dopamine when you shower. Warm water flowing through the body stimulates the brain to think and find solutions. It was a moment for great ideas. Archimedes’ thrust was discovered when he took a bath and it is one of the greatest inventions in human history.

Go around without a specific purpose. The brain works best when the body is in motion. Take a walk or do light exercise, remember to bring a means of taking notes. Your subconscious can provide intuitive solutions as your body moves.

Drop the key. Here’s an interesting tip shared by many people. Place your recording means aside. Lean back and relax in the chair, holding the key until you feel sleepy. This semi-dreamlike state is perfect for subconscious activation. When the right time comes, the key will fall to the floor and wake you up. Record all of your ideas at that moment.

Hopefully, through the above sharings, you can find a suitable method for subconscious training. Install our RESUMIND app to learn more about the power of your subconscious and how it unlocks limitless power in you.

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