Whatever you want, allow yourself to think about it. Each of your single thought is a seed. It’s also the cause of an effect. Therefore, just one thought is enough to create a DOMINO chain effect to the subconscious mind.

What is the Domino Effect?

The Domino Effect asserts that when you change an arbitrary behavior, it triggers a series of other reactions, while also inducing a transformation in the related behaviors.

The domino effect.

Mechanism of applying the Domino effect to the subconscious.

Due to the nature of our body or brain, our cells are a synchronized biological organism. Just one point of pain, the whole body can feel it. Likewise, when one energy agent acts on one part, the other will also react.

The results of these primary agents are again the new ones which create the new results. Therefore, for each of your thought, it becomes an “energy agent”. You activate a whole system of “other agents” that produce countless results . The countless “agents” continued to act, so it creats the Domino Effect in our thought.

The Domino effect in the subconscious
The Domino effect in the subconscious

How to apply the domino effect to the subconscious?

A study by scientists from Northwestern University in 2012 found that when people cut down on the amount of time they spend doing nothing each day, they also reduce their fat intake. The study participants were not told to eat less fat, but their eating habits improved as a very natural side effect. Because they spent less time sitting in a chair, watch television and eat unconsciously. One habit that has followed another is like a domino will knock another piece when applied a moderate force.

All of our behaviors are linked together, so when we change one behavior, the other will also be changed ”.

You may notice similar patterns in your own life. If you have the habit of going to the gym, then naturally you will find yourself focusing more on work and sleeping better at night even though you never made a specific plan.

However, the Domino effect will also keep you from maintaining bad habits. The habit of checking your phone will involve your habit of touching social media notifications like Facebook, Twitter and then it will stimulate you to visit these apps to unconsciously surf the News Feed. Deeper, you make yourself a habit of procrastinating about 20 minutes instead of ignoring the notifications and focusing on work.

You can never change just one behavior. All of our behaviors are linked. So when we change one behavior, the other will also change. That how the domino mechanism can affect our subconscious.

Conclusion about applying the domino effect to the subconscious.

So, all events that happen in your life are thought by yourself, consciously or unconsciously. So, be really careful in your selection of thoughts.

For the factors you cannot control, do not say. However for all the factors you can control, you have to really DRAW it, FOCUS on it, CHOOSE positive things to serve your goal.

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