Each individual has their own behaviors in life. Are you curious about what exactly controls that part of your thought? Some might think it’s the conscious mind that decides how people react to every activity. However, it’s actually the subconscious mind that has the role of your behavior determinant.

Thoughts determine behavior
Thoughts determine behavior

Subconscious mind

There are two main parts in our brain: conscious and subconscious mind.

The conscious mind includes such things as the sensations, perceptions, memories, feeling, and fantasies inside of our current awareness. It involves all of the things that you are currently aware of and thinking about. Your awareness of yourself and the world around you is part of your consciousness.

Meanwhile, the subconscious mind is inconceivable storage of our memories, experiences, considerations, and encounters. It includes habits that are not currently in your conscious mind but still influences your feelings and actions. 88% power of our mind comes from the subconscious part. Our subconscious mind has its own language which is emotion.

While memories are not part of your immediate awareness, they can be quickly brought into awareness through conscious effort.

The subconscious mind can learn negative thoughts and has the authority to your conscious choices. Our subconscious mind is the place that stores fears, false beliefs, and other people’s opinions are automatically stored. This is how it actually influences our own opinions and decisions making. The management of our subconscious minds are uncomplicated as no conscious effort is needed to use this part of the mind

You gather knowledge along the way and form vital knowledge. You judge the people around you and distinguish good from the bad. Based on the way people look, you form certain conclusions. The rules you assume may be illogical, but they are now firmly placed in your subconscious mind. When you look at a person with the traits you defined in your subconscious mind’s rule book, you automatically respond in a specific way and you wouldn’t even know you reacted that way.

Subconscious mind influences human behavior
Subconscious mind influences human behavior

Human behavior and how is it related to the subconscious mind?

Our subconscious mind is the place that stores. This is how it actually influences our own opinions and decisions making.

There is a relation between the subconscious mind and human behavior. Basically, human behavior is how we as humans act and display our emotions, which is different from social behavior. The one that we are talking about right now is human behaviour and it is not specifically directed to anyone. It is how we act based on our life experiences and childhood. Also, the way we grow up and how the factors around us influence the way we talk, act, and walk or display our emotions is basic human behaviour.

Most of our daily actions are done by our conscious mind but they also depend on the subconscious mind. Then only you realize the whole situation after your body reacted. This is when the conscious mind is not aware of the incident and the subconscious mind’s role takes place.

Other effects of the subconscious mind on behavior

You naturally want to forget these things since they invoke unpleasant memories. Your conscious mind removes them but your subconscious mind has them stored. Such memories from your subconscious pain points.

You go through many experiences and incidents in life, but few incidents touch the pain points in your subconscious and you respond sorely. When you experience these pain points, you respond without control. These could be the same sensations you have experienced when you went through an unpleasant incident as a child. Perhaps you tried to push it beneath the carpet and made efforts to expel it from your mind. In such situations, you become helpless in your actions. You then perform uncontrolled actions since your subconscious mind has allowed you to feel helpless.

We all have our “pain points” – we all have our idiosyncrasies. Since the pain points vary from person to person, different people respond to the same stimuli in a different manner. One may not care about a comment which hurts another person feels hurt.

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