Perhaps many of us have heard of the concept of the “Law of Attraction“. So do you understand what the law is about? First, let’s explore the concept of it. Essentially, the law of attraction holds that what you strongly notice and believe in becomes reality. If we had the same brain vibrational frequency, we could attract everything including people and phenomena at will.

The law of brainwave frequency and the premise of the law of attraction

The universe consists of all particles that vibrate with their own energies. Humans or individuals, likewise, also vibrate with their own frequencies and exist as a small energy field in a larger energy field – the universe. So what constitutes human brainwave frequency?

Use the law of attraction
Things with the same brainwave frequency attract mutually

Research shows that the frequency of brainwaves of each person is formed based on that person’s thoughts and feelings. Accordingly, we will attract anything with the same frequency as us. Therefore, by simply changing our thoughts and feelings, we can change the frequency of the brainwaves, become a new person, and attract new people, situations, and events.

Thus, if we change the frequency of the brainwaves with negative thoughts, sickness and suffering will come as inevitable. On the contrary, if the frequency of the brainwaves changes with more positive thinking, you will soon receive joy and happiness.

How to apply the law of attraction to bring a positive effect?

Anyone can use the law of attraction to maximize their own potential and attract good things to themselves in life. Basically, there are three steps that need to be taken to apply the law.

We can apply the law of attraction to achieve our goals
  1. Suggest ideas: Think about what you want and make sure it’s a goal that you won’t give up.
  2. Trust in the ideas: Think, speak, and act without doubting your abilities. Always believe that you have achieved your goal.
  3. Receive good results: Imagine how emotional it is when you achieve your goal. Good emotions will form the frequency of the brainwaves, attract what you want.

It is important to keep reminding yourself of your wishes. Don’t let your subconscious mind and consciousness forget about your goals. Always keep a good mood and constantly inspire yourself for goals and success. If you do this, you will be able to get there without having to put in too much effort.

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Don’t ask “how”

As for the law of attraction, you don’t have to think about what you should do to achieve your goal. The only thing you need to focus on is to be clear about what you want, and instill that idea deep into your subconscious mind every day. In other words, you just need to have faith, the universe will lead you to success.

Always be optimistic and believe in your success

If you keep asking yourself “How to get there”, the universe will vaguely accept your will. That’s because you are doubting yourself, doubting the very existence of the law of attraction. When you truly believe and receive energy from the universe with the optimism that you will succeed, things with the same frequency of brainwaves will be sent to you by the universe. All events and situations will automatically arrange the route to help you make your dream come true.

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