Because you get car sick, the thing that you sit on the long-distance ride to come back home is like hell. Please learn how easy to sleep in the car to find ways to deal with this problem.

How easy to sleep in the car: Apply the American soldier’s sleeping style.

There is a way that is to apply how to take a quick nap of the American navy. However, you have to spend a little time learning how to asleep quickly before you practice in the car.

How easy to sleep in the car: Lower the seatback to make your sleeping position more comfortable.

One way to get you to sleep in the car quickly without getting tired is to lower the seat as deep as possible. When riding, there are many bumpy roads. Therefore, lower your seatback will help you avoid spinal influences.

Besides, be careful so that your seat doesn’t affect others if you don’t want to be awakened.

You should consult with everyone(especially the person behind you) so that you can lower your seat as much as possible.

How easy to sleep in the car: Choose a suitable seat.

If possible, you let choose a suitable seat so that you have a comfortable headrest. Besides, if you get used to the headrest on the left side while sleeping, you should choose the seat on the left side of the car. Your seat option next to the window helps you have a headrest during the ride.

Tools for sleeping in the car

A U-shaped pillow helps your neck will be nothing strange if you often have long-distance rides, right? However, have you found the pillow the suitable size for you? Each people has a different length of neck. Choosing the right size for yourself is also important.

Stretch your legs comfortably

If you don’t want to get numb after waking up, let’s stretch your legs comfortably before starting your sleep. If you have the ideal height, leave the lower part of your seat empty. On the contrary, If you are small, you can use the car’s footrest.

Above are how easy to sleep in the car. I have synthesized it all according to my own experience. Hopefully, this will help you feel more comfortable on the ride.

Let’s learn how easy to sleep in the car because it can make your life easier. Thank you for reading my article. Bye and see you in the next post.

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