The human subconscious is infinite storage of information. Its potential is enormous, but at the same time, it is receiving both useful and harmful information. The subconscious cannot sift through the good messages sent to it, but simply stores everything. That sometimes leads to subconscious blockages as an inevitable consequence.

Through receiving repeated messages, the subconscious mind will store that information. The more it is repeated, the harder it is to erase it. That is why bad habits are hard to break, whether it’s a physical or mental habit. While physical habits are things you do every day, mental habits are your beliefs, your view of the world, and more.

Realizing the subconscious blockages

To get rid of bad habits, you need perseverance and time. Gradually familiarize yourself with new habits, and you will gradually be able to reprogram the data of your subconscious mind. One of the best ways to get rid of bad habits that clog your subconscious mind is hypnosis. But this is a difficult technique that not everyone can do. Instead, another much easier and more effective method to remove subconscious blockages is self-awareness.

A common example of a physical bad habit is nail-biting. Many people always bite their nails when they are nervous, anxious, or stressed. This is not only unhygienic, but it also makes your nails look unsightly and even negatively affects the digestive system. Self-awareness will help you get rid of this habit by better controlling your behavior.

In fact, nail-biting habits like the example above are much easier to control than other mental habits that take place within the mind. You cannot see them, but they still control your thoughts and behavior. Similarly, to control your mind and clear your subconscious blockages like this, you need a clear awareness of your thoughts. If you judge others often, every time you do that, realize that you have a bad habit and stop repeating it.

Side view full length portrait of worried young woman holding hand to forehead. Thoughtful stressed girl sad meditative emotion with a mess in her head. Anxiety and headache feeling.

Of course, there are so many mental subconscious blockages that can be so disturbing to our lives. We can remove those with practical and useful exercises. There are obviously many ways to practice it. However, the undermentioned is one of the most effective ways to help you increase your self-awareness of your physical and mental habits.

Controlling your thoughts

We often get lost in thoughts too much. To control them, you need to separate yourself from the thoughts and observe them as a third person. This way, you can spot negative thoughts and immediately replace them with positive ones. The practice is as follows:

Sit comfortably, take a deep breath to feel calm from inside. Feel the thoughts inside your head. Discover negative thoughts. If you feel like you’re overwhelmed by that thought, realize this and take a step back to watch. If a negative thought creates strong emotions, do not quench the thought but slowly feel the feelings. Emotions create energy. And from realizing that it is a negative thought, you can use that energy to create other values.

The subconscious can play a huge part in our own success, but only if it’s not clogged with negativity. Let us give you an effective tool to help you remove these subconscious blockages and harness your maximum mind power. Download the Reprogram Subconscious Mind app to experience this amazingness!

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