Your brain has to operate frequently to deal with problems at any time, which is an energy exhausting process. The way to handle this is to take advantage of the power of the subconscious mind through the meditation method. This article would show you how beneficial meditation is and how to restore harmony using it.

Three parts of your brain

First of all, the mind is a sophisticated implementation of awareness that accesses us to the outside world. It provides an enormous spectrum of inner experience as well as serves as a bridge to pure consciousness.

Just like an iceberg, there is an amount under the surface of the conscious, known as the subconscious.

The picture simulates 3 parts of your brain
The picture simulates 3 parts of your brain

The subconscious mind is just one of the parts processing in our brain. The three parts specifically the conscious part that controls the logical thoughts, help us analyze, reason, and decide. The second part is the unconscious mind that controls our emotions. The last one is the subconscious mind taking part in the role of memory storehouse.

The subconscious is a reservoir of information storing every studied memory since your birth, and a place to determine your attitudes. These powerful mind layers do much of our thinking’s “heavy lifting”.

As a result, understanding the general landscape of your minds can help you navigate meditation and daily life with greater ease. As well, you had better understand the vast benefits associated with your subconscious mind, and how meditation is the best training technique to tap into and even control this incredible power.

Accessing your subconscious mind through meditation

How beneficial is subconscious meditation?
Subconscious meditation

It is impossible to directly go into the subconscious mind to make some changes to the collections of impressions there, however, with meditation, it is possible. How does it come possible?

Meditation itself is an experience that is deposited in the subconscious and in the same way other experiences are deposited in memory, meditation reaches deeply into the mind and leaves its subtle impression. But meditation is not simply a new color added to the mix. Meditation is a transformation of color. It transforms the unconscious mind like a smile transforms a somber face. The final purpose of meditation is to lower your stress so that you can access your subconscious mind.

Here is a brief list of the 6 simple steps that would allow you to access your subconscious mind. They are: Induction, access and accept, surrender, observe, change, and update

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Meditation and subconscious functions

  • Memory storage:

The subconscious mind serves our body as a mental library, where all the habits, memories are stored since birth.

As functioned effectively, meditation would be an outstanding secret to intelligently communicate, navigate, and efficiently take advantage of this vast reserve of information there to the maximum state.

  • Data filtering:

Daily, we humans have to deal with billions of external information every second since waking moment. If we make our conscious minds deal with those signals, we would be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data. Whereas, our subconscious mind is always there in an active condition to effectively filters out all unnecessary information, ensuring only the most important and relevant ones would be managed.

Meditation is the best way to train our minds to be a more precise, better quality, higher functioning data filter, making you a more mindful, happy person in the process.

For those who work on a creative career, the circumstances fully immersed while creating are not occasional.

In these cases, one would lay down on the couch waiting for inspirational thoughts to enter his mind.

In this way, meditation bridges that gap wonderfully, upgrading our minds. It also reprograms our thoughts to easily manifest whatever end goal we desire.


Your subconscious mind is a great advantage in your brain that you should try to get the best out of. By practicing mediation, you would help yourself to communicate with that efficient part and plant yourself patience and self-acceptance. You could also reveal your underlying motivations, and reinforces unselfish intentions, open up your mind, and achieve your happiness.

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