Have you heard about the superconscious state? It seems to be a familiar terminology, but surely many of us do not understand much about it. In this article, let’s learn about the superconscious, the effects of the superconscious, and how we exploit the potential of the superconscious.

We live in a society with a strong connection regardless of time and space. Information is exchanged at the highest level, creating conveniences in providing services and products. But at the same time, the downside of this growth is the decline in our ability to focus and the confusion with too many sources of information, affecting our productivity. In this case, we need to improve the capability of our minds to handle all the tasks.

There are interesting myths about superconscious
There are interesting myths about superconscious

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Definition of the superconscious

The superconscious state is a state in which your mind is focused and clear. There are many ways you can enter the superconscious state such as: Having inspirational actions; Evoking thinking at the genius level; Evoking a great idea; Extrasensory perception; Intuition; Empathy; Peace of mind, etc.

There are different levels of consciousness in which the superconscious is among the highest level. Different levels of consciousness create different states of knowledge, perception, and feeling. What is true at one level of consciousness is not necessarily true at another level of consciousness.

How to enter the superconscious state?

We can measure whether you are in a superconscious state by the lambda and epsilon frequencies. If your brain waves work at the right frequency, you should be able to approach the superconscious state. However, this is not an easily attained state of consciousness. You need to go through practices. The lambda and epsilon frequencies of the subconscious are very high or very low. You need to train your body and mind to receive them.

We can enter superconscious state by many ways
We can enter superconscious state by many ways

Without practice, you will easily suffer mental damage. This is like if you lift heavy weights without training gradually, you can your muscles and injure your body. So, to get used to it, we first need to approach the low superconscious state.

We introduce 5 methods to improve efficiency and simplify entering the superconscious state. Don’t forget that this takes practice, but you have complete control of the time and space in the process.

Method 1: Feeling love and gratitude

Do you feel like flying when you love? The sublimation of emotions makes everything wonderful. Feel the love and be truly grateful, not simply thinking about it. Alternatively, you can enter a state of amazement. This also gives an effect equivalent to the appropriate wave frequency for the superconscious.

Method 2: Move your body with flexibility

Makes your body healthy and flexible. You can practice walking, jogging, dancing, swimming, or yoga. If your body is stiff, you will feel energy-deprived and even vulnerable to injury or pressure. You can also listen to your favorite songs and let them sublimate your body with the movement. A good song can make your life more beautiful, inspire you, and steer you to dreamy places.

You become more judicious in the superconscious state
You become more judicious in the superconscious state
Method 3: Relax your mind and body

For energy to circulate in the body, you need absolute relaxation. There are many ways to effectively relax the mind. Learn and experiment.

Method 4: Find what you want

Set a goal or aspiration for yourself. Adjust your mental energy to get there.

Method 5: Let your mind flow freely

When genius ideas, inventions, or thoughts flash through you, don’t stop there to exclaim, question, or doubt them. Such moments are not easy to emerge, but logical thinking, analysis, or judgment will stifle those ideas. Make sure you allow that flow of thought to be free and trust it.

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