Most of us have to cope with difficulties in the first attempt to master a good skill or good habit. But once we practice every day and become more skillful, those operations will gradually require less conscious participation. Eventually, everything can even go spontaneously without effort. It is the subconscious mind control that trains those automatic actions.

Where hides the subconscious mind?

Talking about brain functions, scientists frequently refer to conscious and unconscious behaviors. The process of acquiring and transforming information affects your thought control, behavior consistency, and expression of emotions.

According to a study on neurology by Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), there are 3 levels of consciousness including:
Consciousness: is the decisive level of thinking and action with human awareness.
Subconscious: is the level of reflexive decision and automatic behavior that we can perceive through regular practice.
Unconsciousness: is the level that controls events and memories that have occurred. Sometimes, we have trouble reliving an event in the past, no matter how hard we try.

Subconscious discovery

It is still challenging for scientists to determine what level of consciousness influences our behaviors and expressions. To answer that question, they have to find out what depth of each level is in the brain.

Through an experiment on interpreting emotional changes in extremely short units of time, the researchers found the difference between the effect of conscious and unconscious thoughts on the subjects. Specifically, in this experiment, they showed pictures of human faces to participants and asked them to identify similarities and differences between facial expressions.

As a result, if the participants looked at each photo for at least 0.047 seconds, they could pinpoint the difference. If they shortened the time to 0.033 seconds, the accuracy rate was halved. Meanwhile, participants would not be able to detect the difference if the time was only 0.02 seconds or less.

how our subconscious mind control operates
how our subconscious mind control operates?

According to the results above, conscious thought can only control behavior if there is enough time to activate that level. In a shorter time, our conscious mind is not fast enough to make a decision fully identical to the verbal reflex. At the same time, the accuracy rate was halved, suggesting that the participant’s reflexes were somewhat correct, but the brain level involved in controlling was no longer consciousness. That is the subconscious mind control.

Activating different brain regions

So when the conscious or subconscious mind works, will the brain be activated in different regions? Besides, why are conscious thoughts slower than subconscious or unconscious thoughts?

So far, it still remains an unsolved problem to determine which brain regions that thoughts at each level of awareness need to activate. However, the use of brain imaging techniques is increasingly taking great steps. It allows researchers to determine the pathway of thinking.

How do our subconscious mind control receiving information?
How do our subconscious mind control receiving information?

Based on the analysis of the above method, it is found that each level of consciousness is separate about the path of thought. In particular, conscious thoughts and unconscious thoughts have two completely different pathways. Meanwhile, the subconscious doesn’t really have a separate path. It seems to overlap somehow with the roadmap of the other two levels.

Simple ways to harness subconscious power

The subconscious really influences and determines human behavior. However, according to the above experiment, only half of the participants can master their subconscious mind control and use its power in decision making.

There is no coincidence or luck. You absolutely can practice mastering this skill. Discover simple yet effective practice techniques in other blog posts. We’ve also introduced our Reprogram Subconscious Mind smart mobile app, which lets you harness your subconscious and achieve success!

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