Racism is an issue that seriously affects its victims in many ways, from their physical health to mental and psychological well-being. Changing unconscious racism perceptions and racist biases is extremely difficult. Still, with solidarity and a willingness to change our minds, we can do that.

What we need to do is changing the way we see the issue of unconscious racism. Obviously, racism itself is worth a condemnation. Any of us with that thinking in mind needs to realize it is wrongdoing. We need to speak up and fight for justice.

What is unconscious racism?
What is unconscious racism?

The truth about unconscious racism

Very few people dare to identify themselves as a racist. It is a word with a negative meaning, a reminiscence of many traumas in history. It also reflects the deviation in thinking and human behavior that has long been unchanged. And it also shows the inability and conservatism of this society in terms of thinking change.

Human values ​​cannot be expressed through the race to which they belong, which is perceived by the physical characteristics of each person. Similarly, we cannot judge and treat others differently based on their skin color, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, weight, or height.

How to eliminate unconscious racism

It is not easy to change your mindset on a cultural issue that is absorbed from a young age. What we need to do is admitting our perception is wrong. We need to re-examine the reality of the world in which we exist and recognize the impact of cultural, political, historical, and community factors on our development and those around us.

How to fight unconscious racism?
How to fight unconscious racism?

Here are some ways we can deal with this problem and fix it. And from then we are able to adapt to a new and more civilized society.

Learn and explore

We all live in a multicultural society. The first thing we can do is to recognize which cultural traits are adopted in ourselves. Each of the different cultural characteristics has its own way of influencing racial beliefs, behaviors, and values. We are all cultured individuals, and we interact every day with different individuals, which leads to conflicts.

You should become a person who properly perceives cultural differences and respects others regardless of race. To do that, ask yourself questions. From whom did you learn, and what did you learn about races? By meeting different people, what conflicting messages have you come across about each race? How do you handle those messages and how does that influence your thinking? And last but not least, have you ever had a racist mindset?

Act differently

After receiving the practical and necessary information to change your mind, set a goal to change the actions of yourself and others in the community. Talk to your family, friends, and co-workers about race-related issues and how they affect your life.

Ask questions and challenge yourself with changes. Condemn yourself for racist thoughts and behaviors. Fight peacefully when you witness a sign of racism. If you have children, educate them early on race and equality in treatment.

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